A Billionaire On Welfare, Mexican Edition

A billionaire on welfare, Mexico edition

The other day Ramona posted a meme on Facebook, and it got me to thinking about President Trump’s planned tariffs against Mexico. There is some truth to the meme, don’t get me wrong. Yes, Americans will pay those tariffs, not Mexicans. However, it sells the situation short. President Trump is a billionaire on welfare. However, it’s Mexican welfare he keeps applying for.

The Meme:

A Billionaire On Welfare, Mexican Edition.

To be fair to the meme, they have to be pithy. This one is, but it sells the situation short. Let’s take a look at all of the Problems with President Trump’s approach.

President Trump is a billionaire on welfare from Mexico.

Have you noticed that? The President of the United States is acting like he’s a third-rate player in securing our border. He’s completely helpless. Hence, he runs to Mexico with his hand out every time he needs something. “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico’s going to pay for it.” Moreover, we’re going to tax products crossing the border if Mexico doesn’t fix our illegal immigration problem.

If only Donald Trump were in a position of some kind of authority. One where he could use American funds to solve America’s problems instead of going to Mexico with his hand out.

Assuming his plan works, then what?

Let’s give the President the benefit of the doubt here. Let’s say Mexico caves, and invests their resources into securing our border. They successfully stop 100% of illegal immigration into the United States. Don’t you think that at some point they might demand something from us? If we don’t comply, they just open the floodgates.

What if the next President disagrees with Trump? Then Mexico gets to return to business as usual, and our border is wide open again. Relying on Mexico for our border security is insanity, plain and simple.

Assuming his plan doesn’t work, then what?

We introduce tariffs at the border. Hence, prices on Mexican goods go up. Moreover, Americans start buying fewer Mexican products. As a result, American’s produce bills go up, they eat less fruits and vegetables, and Mexican companies start laying workers off. Are you following me here?

As a result, more out of work Mexicans start streaming for the American border. All because President Trump is a billionaire on welfare from Mexico. It’s high time this President recognizes that it’s his job to fix the border, and stop relying on Mexico to deal with the problem.

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