A Contradiction


Immigrants and asylum seekers have been a hot topic recently, well, for years really and I thought I would share an incident which happened recently.

A young woman from Honduras helps clean my mother’s house, I’ll call her Ana. I don’t know what her situation is but I can guess. After she had cleaned one day my mom found significant damage to the plug on the T.V. My mom was worried that someone might have tried to steal her T.V. because it could have happened when neither mom or she were there. So mom called Ana to ask her if she knew about it. Well this spooked her and when mom called her later to see if she could help me her calls went unanswered. We were worried that maybe my mom had given her cause to fear over an easily fixed plug. Fear of I.C.E., of being separated from her children. Well, we heard from her after my mom left her a message that she had nothing to worry about from my mom. My mom’s a good person.

Mom doesn’t know about how U.S. companies turned Honduras into a one crop country ( hence banana republic ) starting in the 1880’s, how we intervened, occupied and controlled, leading up to the 2009 military coup which has facilitated the criminal enterprise that passes for a government there. Extreme poverty, violence, civil and human rights violations. Cops and drug smugglers working together. A situation that our country helped create. No, mom doesn’t know about that, but she identifies with the young woman as a human being. Yet she voted for Trump.

I identify as a Democrat, mom a Republican, yet she raised me with her values. Tolerance and a demand for fairness. Somehow that has been hijacked by labels, and it doesn’t help that she only will watch Fox news. The things that she is most concerned with at the moment are voter fraud and migrant caravans. I try to explain that both are overblown, but I doubt she believes it. I mean, I may be her son, but still a Democrat.

It’s hard to demonize the” opposition ” when it is your mother, cousin, aunt, father or son. In the Civil War, the opponents were, for the most part, geographically separated and villifying was done much easier. There are some true shitheels on both sides, but most of us don’t pay too much attention unless it affects us.

So, my first blog, and it’s mostly about my mom and me, so different and so much the same. In the end , we’re all family.


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