Abortion- From Church to Choice

Ralph Northam's abortion comment.

Yesterday, I thought to myself, “What happened to me?” So I had to walk back to find out where I am now. I have lived most of my life as an adamant Pro-Life advocate. I had a sister that died from a rare birth defect. My father insisted that a women has the right to their own body. No one else should have that right. He emphatically stated that if him and my mother knew my sister was going to be born like that he would have told my mother to get an abortion. Yup, let that irony sink in for a moment.

My mother didn’t want an abortion. To be honest the depression nearly killed her. It almost ripped our family apart. My sister lived for seventeen months. I had little to no information about the other side’s beliefs. I learned in church that there were references against it so I was glued to my position… pro life.

Then one day someone said it was an individual choice protected by the law of the land. And that’s when the light bulb came on. If you are against abortion, don’t get one. Then someone directed me to the Jewish position on abortion. I know they are separate religions, but my thoughts began to change just a little. Then I took a few more baby steps out on that limb.

I have learned abortion is wrong for me. However, I now believe that people should be able to make the choice without being intimidated or harassed. If it is a sin, it’s their sin and not mine.

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Ramona Osborn Parry
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