About Us


We believe that our name truly says it all.

Meso (middle) Fusion (bring together) Media (means of mass communication).

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer our readers a place where they can find opinions on today’s news offered up by average people from different perspectives with the goal of helping people find that elusive common ground in the middle. We offer the following guidelines to understanding our content.

  1. Compromise is not a dirty word.
  2. While our articles are opinion pieces, we rely on News Guard to verify the integrity of our news sources.
  3. Our editorial staff consists of both a left wing and right wing editor, ensuring a fair process where all views can be heard.

We don’t look to disabuse our readers of their own views. We simply look to bring opposing views together in one place with the hopes that an exposure to both sides in one place can lead to a larger understanding and a more fertile common ground for compromise to grow. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Meet the Staff

These are the folks working hard to both keep the fake news out and and to keep the cutting edge views flowing on our website.

Steve Parry


Steve Parry

Founder, Editor, and Author.

Steve is a Marine veteran and OTR Trucker who is politically an Independent with views leaning towards the right.

Wireless Wanda

Wireless Wanda

Author and Editor

Wanda is an incredibly talented artist and a hard working mother. She’s an independent thinker which makes her an exciting writer to follow.

Sound Off!

If you have a perspective that needs to be heard, consider writing a letter to our editor. All entries will be considered for a guest publication here at Meso Fusion Media. We look forward to hearing from you.

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