The Art of Distraction: Politics & Trucking


Last week, a 47 year struggle between the United States and a draft dodger ended when President Trump finally agreed to go to Vietnam on a diplomatic mission. Trump went there to meet with Kim Jong-Un without preconditions. The goal was to reach a deal to denuclearize North Korea. Unfortunately, no sucy deal was achieved. What we got instead was a lesson in the art of distraction.

While there, the President accused Congressional Democrats of running a distraction in Washington DC. They welcomed Michael Cohen to testify about his involvement in some of the President’s scandals. It was a week of distractions. Nothing, however, distracted me from the big picture.

The Art of Distraction: The left/right flip flop.

The idea, which has been fanciful from the start, is that we could talk Kim Jong-un out of his nuclear weapons program.

The above is a quote from John Bolton about the silliness of meeting with North Korea… when Obama was President. Now, he’s intricately involved in advising President Trump on these fanciful talks. See the video above for more flips by Trump supporters on this very subject.

In 2008, Republicans opposed meeting with Kim. They said it was a win for North Korea and a loss for us. Meanwhile, Democrats pointed out that other efforts had failed and it was time for a change. In 2019, Democrats say that President Trump is giving away the farm by simply meeting with Kim. However, Republicans suddenly favor trying a new approach where the old isn’t working.

This is pure partisan hypocrisy on both sides. I applaud President Trump for trying something new. Moreover, I can’t help but notice that he’s delivering on something President Obama campaigned on but never did. Is it working? No, but it was worth the effort. President Trump walked away from a bad deal. He did so while trying to land a good deal. His failure to get one was the only thing that warranted a distraction.

The Art of Distraction: The circus comes to Washington.

As Michael Cohen testified on Capitol Hill, more distractions were underway. Republicans wanted to distract you from his testimony. They pointed out that he had lied to them before. Fair point. They called him a convicted felon. True. They accused him of lying on a form he submitted. A comical exercise in obtuse absurdity.

Democrats wanted to distract you from the fact that Cohen isn’t credible. They wanted you to focus only on his allegations. You should ignore the fact that he had previously made claims to the polar opposite to this very same body.

Two bright spots in this hearing were Justin Amash (R) Michigan and Katie Hill (D) California. These two were honest brokers in the process. They asked fair questions. Sure, they showed their political leanings. However, they treated the process as an honest attempt to get to the facts. Outside of their brief moments of honest questioning, the hearings were largely a partisan circus.

The Art of Distraction: Why I missed the hearings.

Michael Cohen was originally scheduled to testify on February 7th. My birthday. The hearing was rescheduled for February 27th. I was in Springfield Missouri for Prime Inc. Night of the Millionaires dinner. Did I win a million dollars? No. I achieved my 1 million safe driving miles award, and they had a lovely dinner to honor us. For those wishing for a distraction from politics, enjoy these pictures from the event.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Robert Lowe and Prime Inc for the wonderful event. They really go all out to recognize the drivers who achieve these milestones. Even though I wanted to watch the hearings live, this was a welcomed distraction for me. Thank you to all of my friends who congratulated me on this accomplishment. Now we’re on to the next million miles.

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