An Artist In Our Midst; Shelly Maddox and MFM

an artist in our midst

At Meso Fusion Media, we like to recognize our writers for their accomplishments in other fields. In the case of Shelly Maddox, her talents also have applications here on the site. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an artist in our midst. Shelly would occasionally post some of her drawings on Facebook and I really enjoyed her style. Thus, I hired her to do the image seen below for another website that I run.

an artist in our midst
A cartoon rendering of me with my truck.

It’s not fair that we should have an artist in our midst and not share the wealth. Thus, I have added a gallery of her work to the gallery page here on the site. These images and more can be seen on her Facebook Page for DDOX Art. I encourage you to like her page and follow her there. Furthermore, some of her articles here will feature some of her original art work.

Here is another one of my favorites from her.

I fell in love with this drawing and soon it will be hanging on a wall in my house. If you’re interested in any of her art, you can contact her on Facebook to ask about price and availability.

an artist in our midst
A character drawn for a writer.

Shelly has been a stellar writer for us. She has put out some great articles that you can read here on the site. Furthermore she is a single mother who works hard for her family. It’s a nice bonus that she is an artist in our midst. I’m not sure how she does it all. I’m grateful to have her on board, and I wanted to take this moment to recognize her great talent. Keep up the good work, Shelly. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for us next.

An artist in our midst.


  1. OMG o.o wow.

    I am flattered and always amazed that anyone likes it! Thanks so much for the good review, I love making art.

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