Monday, January 25, 2021

Steve Parry

Steve Parry
Steve Parry is an OTR truck driver covering 48 states. He is a fan of audiobooks and a vaping advocate. Politically, he is an independent thinker, although his view tend to land center right on the political scale. Up until 2017, he identified as a Republican. Now he is an Independent who is looking for some common ground that the two sides can come together on. He is a founding member. active contributor, and Senior Editor here at MFM.
The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist is the story of an outrageous scientific fraud was perpetrated by the justice system of Mississippi, leaving a trail of victims in it's wake. In 2008, Kennedy Brewer finally walked...
In today's political age, we tend to assume everything about someone based on one political statement. If you want a border wall, you must be a Trump supporter. Likewise, a person who is supportive of the children...
Fitbit and your health.

FitBit & Your Health

As an over the road trucker, it can be hard to live a healthy lifestyle. Diet is a big part of it, but it can be hard to find the time and place to maintain a good... Perhaps you've seen this video floating around on one of your social media accounts, typically shared with an explanation about what hypocrites these liberals, Democrats, or progressives are. After all, they...
Issuing a quick lesson in "you're only as good as your last report", President Trump lashed out at a couple of FOX News reporters in a Twitter post. He stopped short of calling them "fake news", but he did...
"Talk" is a novel released by Michael Smerconish in May of 2014, but it is an extremely timely book for today. While listening, it seemed almost as if he saw the future coming, but this could largely be because...

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