Candace Owens Debunked in 2 Images


I jumped on Facebook this morning and saw the above Candace Owens video pop up in my feed. Always down for some entertainment, I figured I would give it a watch. As per usual when she speaks, I’m ticking off the false statements as they go by. Then this particular gem catches my attention. See this statement by Candace Owens debunked in 2 images below.

“They lied to us in school. They told us that the Democrat and Republican parties switched. That never happened, ok? One person switched parties. Nobody else did.”

Now clearly there’s a difference between what she said and what she meant to say. She’s not claiming that only one person has ever left the Democrat party for the Republican party. Thus, she is clearly referring to Strom Thurmond. He was an elected South Carolina Democrat who, following the passage of the Civil Rights Act switched to the Democrat Party. On that count she is right.

However, the sentiment she is expressing here is patently absurd. Remember, the Civil Rights Act was signed into law on July 2nd, 1964. That same year, there was a Presidential election. Here are two graphics. They show election maps from 1888 through 2012. Pay close attention to the Southern states before and after 1960.

Candace Owens debunked in 2 images.

Candace Owens debunked in 2 images.
Southern states vote blue year after year.
Candace Owens debunked in 2 images.
Suddenly, in 1964 they turn red.

For over 100 years the Southeast votes Democratic in election after election. However, suddenly in 1964 they all vote Republican except Florida. Furthermore, the only time the Southeast has ever voted Democrat as a block since was when Georgia governor Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

Notice in the video the decade she harkens back to? That’s right, the 1960’s. She’s literally ranting against the Civil Rights movement. Then she goes on to say the following.

“We have been in this country since 1619, before any other immigrant group.”

Another odd date from Candace Owens. Interestingly enough, again it has historical significance.

Slavery in what became the United States probably began with the arrival of “20 and odd” enslaved Africans to the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619.

So in the eyes of Candace Owens, slave trade is immigration and the Civil Rights Act is enslaving blacks? No wonder she lashes out at the use of phrases like “Uncle Tom”.

The notion that the parties didn’t switch is preposterous. Moreover, it’s blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention why they switched. You may now return to Candace’s fact free rhetoric in the above video. Unless, of course, you simply tuned in to see Candace Owens debunked. In which case, my job here is done. You are now free to roam the internet.


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