Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Stream of Consciousness

You know what I just thought of? Read on, and you will.

Candles and Seashells

You would be surprised how much seashells and candles have in common. We all stood by in silence, powerless the first time we were able to view a journalist beheaded in Afghanistan. As we watched the filming of a murder, we all took a deep breath and fed into the lie that lives that is Islamic nations....

I’m trans-sacksual and damn proud of it.

Grocery store, paper or plastic? This is what the young feller asked me the other night, as I was getting checked out at my local grocer. He hadn't seen my six cloth bags in the bottom slot of my shopping cart, so he was a pretty low-hanging fruit victim for me.

Well That’s Not Good

Being the person that I am, I showed some decency toward a older lady. He husband was recently put into a nursing home. Her youngest daughter's boyfriend verbally abused her. So I was nice to her. As it turns out my neighborly well wishes were taken to heart so much that anytime she needed something she would...

Peace in Diversity

Peace in Diversity                 I was born in the south. When I speak, it almost sounds like Elly Mae Clampett; though, it is getting better, I try to hide it here in the mile-high city.  The southern accent is still a far cry from the quick speaking people here. I can tell I am annoying to...

When Boycotts Backfire; Chick-Fil-A

Back in 2012, following some comments about gay marriage and some questionable donations by the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, activists called for a boycott. To be clear, I'm not a "boycott" kind of guy. It dates back to my childhood, when people would occasionally still burn books. For you millennials, that means that collections of words on paper bound together...

The Name Game

Red Neckerson Good Day

Howdy. My real name is Read Good, (Pronounced, 'Red.') Make of it what you want, I've heard it all. One of my uncles on my mother's side, his surname is 'Neckerson.' And so we have, Red Neckerson. Kind of as a joke sort of. Why my parents didn't spell it right still confounds me....

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