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Sit Quietly Alone in a Room Today


Can you sit quietly alone in a room? It's easier said than done. In today's world we have so many distractions. The internet is always at our fingertips. Video games are on your phone. Social media. The 24 hour news media. Streaming movies and music. All of these things compete for our attention. However, those things didn't...

Mike Pence Heads Coronavirus Response


It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike Pence to the rescue. Are you at home cowering behind a locked door? Work up your courage. Take of your surgical mask and head on down to your local Big Box store and rub elbows with the people of Walmart. Pence is in...

Prayer Breakfast Battle Royale


The 2020 Prayer Breakfast featured the most epic battle in the history of the event. Granted, the event isn't exactly known for its battles. However, President Trump has trampled on pretty much all of our norms, so this one had a Main Event. In the red corner, you had the President of the United States Donald Trump....

Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With Lung Cancer


Rush Limbaugh announced to his radio audience today that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Rush is 69 years old, and has been hosting his nationally syndicated radio show for 31 years. Earlier this year he signed a 4 year extension to remain the host through 2020. Rush made the announcement on...

Latter Day Saints PR Debacle


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on... me? Perhaps. I feel justified in petting the dog that bit me this time. However, I doubt that I will find myself at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints again. I've now had two really bad experiences which I will detail here. Not...

Vaping Is Under Attack by President Trump


It started with a tweet from Melania Trump on Wednesday. The recent "deaths from vaping" had caught the eye of the White House. Later that day, it became clear. Vaping is under attack by President Trump. He made his statement. Then Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the following. "The Trump...

Do You Really Believe What You Think You Believe?


When is the last time you challenged your beliefs? In the current polarized political climate it is easy to get locked in to the talking points of your chosen echo chamber. Have you thought them through? First, do you understand the full implications of your beliefs in the current political context? If so, then ask yourself the...

Trump’s Nation And Abortion


Trumps Nation Abortion I kind of want to de-bunk all the abortion myths here, but I am not going to talk about that. I think we are all grown up enough to know how making babies and growing babies works. If you are not, or have not educated yourself...

Abortion and the Bible; What it doesn’t say.

abortion and the bible

I had always assumed that the Bible didn't specifically address abortion because it was a relatively new phenomenon. Nobody was doing it, hence there was no need to talk about it. However, recent research I have done contradicts that notion. It raises a serious question about abortion and the Bible. If God is so adamantly opposed to...

10 Signs You Are In A Lasting Relationship

lasting relationship

Let's talk about romance, long lasting relationships and love. After all, research has shown that practically every dimension of life happiness is influenced by the quality of one's marriage or deeply committed relationship, while divorce is the second most stressful life event one can ever experience. First and...

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