Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Is there a doctor in the house? No. But you can have a look at these Articles on healthcare or holistic medicine.

Trump’s Nation And Abortion


Trumps Nation Abortion I kind of want to de-bunk all the abortion myths here, but I am not going to talk about that. I think we are all grown up enough to know how making babies and growing babies works. If you are not, or have not educated yourself...

Write it off, Rub some words on it.


I was watching football with Steve. He's every bit the neanderthal while watching sports that he is the intellectual when writing. A player gets hurt. "Walk it off", he yells at the TV. " He's hurt" I offered in defense. He grunts. "Meh, rub some dirt on it." If only it were that easy for emotional pain....

Mental Illness. Why Is It Taboo?


Mental illness and it's impact on society. I asked a couple of people how they were affected by their diagnosis. I was told in a safe and loving atmosphere that mental illness has left them feeling like outsiders. They simply said, they felt different. Thus, I asked them if they could describe what it felt like to...

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Did President Trump Incite Violence?

We're all going to have our own opinions on this topic. If we're referring specifically to the now infamous January 6th speech,...

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What Really Happened? Casey Anthony Part 3

For this article I will make claims that are sourced in 2 books. The first is Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton, one...

Trump’s Nation