Thursday, October 28, 2021


Is there a doctor in the house? No. But you can have a look at these Articles on healthcare or holistic medicine.

Doctor Drew on the Coronavirus Pandemic


The other day Dr. Steven Novella did a great article on science deniers during a pandemic. I'm not accusing Dr. Drew Pinsky of being a science denier. Clearly he isn't. However, in my opinion what he is doing is equally problematic. For those of you who haven't followed Doctor Drew on the coronavirus pandemic, I'll give you...

Mike Pence Heads Coronavirus Response


It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike Pence to the rescue. Are you at home cowering behind a locked door? Work up your courage. Take of your surgical mask and head on down to your local Big Box store and rub elbows with the people of Walmart. Pence is in...

Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With Lung Cancer


Rush Limbaugh announced to his radio audience today that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Rush is 69 years old, and has been hosting his nationally syndicated radio show for 31 years. Earlier this year he signed a 4 year extension to remain the host through 2020. Rush made the announcement on...

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Did President Trump Incite Violence?

We're all going to have our own opinions on this topic. If we're referring specifically to the now infamous January 6th speech,...

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