Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Religion and Philosophy

Deep thinkers, your home awaits you. From Peter to Plato,from Moses to Machiavelli... find Articles on Religion, spirituality, and Philosophy here.

Do You Really Believe What You Think You Believe?

When is the last time you challenged your beliefs? In the current polarized political climate it is easy to get locked in to the talking points of your chosen echo chamber. Have you thought them through? First, do you understand the full implications of your beliefs in the current political context? If so, then ask yourself the...

Abortion and the Bible; What it doesn’t say.

abortion and the bible

I had always assumed that the Bible didn't specifically address abortion because it was a relatively new phenomenon. Nobody was doing it, hence there was no need to talk about it. However, recent research I have done contradicts that notion. It raises a serious question about abortion and the Bible. If God is so adamantly opposed to...

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