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GOP 2020 Platform Highlights Trump’s Ineptitude


In case you've slept through the last 3 and 1/2 years, the GOP wanted to be sure you got the memo on precisely how inept President Trump is. They didn't have to use fake news to do it either. President Trump's inability to lead has extended to the GOP 2020 platform, as talks have broken down on...

White Privilege Explained, Not Shamed


White privilege can be a bit difficult to explain to people. I've noticed that often, white people will tell me how poor they are, or how hard they have to work to get what they have. Their life is hard. They are white. Hence, there can't be white privilege. Right? Yes, there can be. White private isn't...

Obamacare Didn’t Implode After 3 Years of Attacks


February 24th 2017, President Trump was speaking to CPAC. This was early on in the repeal and replace Obamacare stages. Remember those days? Or should I say years? Anyway, here is what President Trump said at that time. "Two years, don't do anything.the Democrats will come to us and beg for help. They'll beg,...

Officer Greg Anderson is Well Meaning but Misguided


Officer Greg Anderson of the Port of Seattle Police Department recently posted a video asking law enforcement officers to reconsider enforcing social distancing orders. First off, I offer my thanks to Officer Greg Anderson for his service in the Army and as a cop. I respect his insight as a combat veteran. However, his analysis of the...

Governor Kemp Posed With Gregory McMichael?


Social media users are at it again. This time, they are circulating an image of Governor Kemp of Georgia posing with Gregory McMichael. McMichael was arrested earlier this week in connection with the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. That is indeed governor Kemp in the image. However, it's not Gregory McMichael. Stand by. This is where it...

Political Hypocrisy in the Tara Reade Case


In researching another article, I came across this piece over at The Federalist. In it, Emily Jashinsky makes the case that the media and the left are treating Tara Reade's allegations much differently than Dr. Ford's against Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps she is right. However, it would be much more prudent to point out that there is political...

Armed Terrorists Storm State Capitols


This week, Americans took to the streets to protest shutdown orders and social distancing guidelines. Michigan hosted a very awkward scene. Protesters armed with assault rifles stood in the state Capitol. Some legislators wore bulletproof vests. This stretches the limits of the notions of protesting. In truth, these people looked a lot more like armed terrorists.

Tara Reade Accuses Joe Biden


The Tara Reade saga is getting interesting, albeit confusing. A story broke today that goes a long way towards giving her some much needed credibility in her accusations. I've been highly suspicious of her story until now. However, I'm starting to reconsider. Part of the problem here is the damage that she's done to her own credibility....

Trump Was Talking About Bleach: Proof


For some reason, Trump's supporters are still trying to defend him on the disinfectant injections. Why? I don't know. I eviscerated one of the attempts yesterday. However, there are plenty more out there. Thus, I have decided to bring the proof. President Trump was talking about bleach, and other disinfectants. Moreover, he was suggesting they be used...

Respiratory Therapist & Disinfectant Injections


In a press conference this week, President Trump suggested that doctors should look into the possibility of injecting people with disinfectants to fight the coronavirus. Many people found the suggestion to be patently absurd. However, a respiratory therapist says not so fast. Do they have a point? Let's investigate.

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