Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Trump Derangement Syndrome & the GOP


The right loves to speak about "TDS". Trump Derangement Syndrome. However, they seem to be unaware that this condition works two ways. True, it can afflict opponents of the President. Maxine Waters comes to mind. Moreover, it can also affect his supporters. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. Trump Derangement Syndrome...

What If The Democrats Act Like President Trump?

What if the Democrats act like President Trump?

The Mueller Report is in. Well, not for us. However it has been turned in to the Attorney General. Thus, AG Barr has released his summary. I've said from day one that I trust Mueller and I will accept his findings. It appears that he found no proof of conspiracy by the Trump Campaign with Russia. Good...

Anti Hate Resolution & Political Gamesmanship


On Wednesday I wrote an article on Republican political gamesmanship. Senate Republicans introduced a bill on abortion. Infants born alive were already protected by law. There was no need for this new legislation. However, Republicans voted for it. Democrats voted against it. Predictably, Republicans accused Democrats of supporting infanticide. Did the Democrats turn the table with the...

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Did President Trump Incite Violence?

We're all going to have our own opinions on this topic. If we're referring specifically to the now infamous January 6th speech,...

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