Thursday, February 9, 2023


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The Ingraham Angle and The Black Vote


Yesterday CNN hosted a snoozefest of a Townhall on Climate Change. My apologies if that's your thing. I was generally disinterested, so I opted for listening to FOX News on SIRIUSXM as I drove. It was downright entertaining. Moreover, The Ingraham Angle took the cake. Here's a link to the segment in discussion.

Kate Steinle’s Death Exploited By Trump Admin


During the 2016 Campaign, then Candidate Donald Trump shamelessly exploited Kate Steinle's death for political purposes. Today, his administration continues to exploit her death to attack the 10th Amendment. This is a political ploy to needlessly trample State's Rights and increase the power of the executive branch. I'll explain after I indict. 1....

The Civil War Shapes The Political Landscape

the civil war

This is Part 2 in a 5 part series called "The New Republican Party". In it we look at the transformation of the Republican Party. Part 1 looks at the circumstances leading to the rise of the party, and the differing governing philosophies of the two sides. In this article we will show how that shaped the...

The Birth of the GOP: How it all began.

The birth of the GOP

This is the first article in a 5 part series that I'm calling "The New Republican Party". In it, I will try to explain the massive shift in the Republican Party and how it left some of it's supporters disaffected. The Birth of the GOP will lay out the groundwork for how the party was formed. In...

Concentration Camps on the Southern Border?


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been speaking out against the detention facilities for illegal immigrants on the southern border. She prefers to call them "concentration camps". Even if that is an accurate description, it conjures images of Nazi Germany. That isn't an accurate description. Hence, the statement is at least misleading. However, we're going to look and see...

Workplace Violence & The Virginia Beach Shooting


I was looking up how to prevent work place violence because of the twelve people who lost their lives at Virginia Beach's municipal center. What I found on Google was downright laughable. One site suggested posting a sign banning firearms. Another site suggested paying attention to your surroundings.

The Transformation of Julian Assange

The transformation of Julian Assange.

Last week, London Police went into the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested Julian Assange on a warrant from the United States. The warrant details the complaints against the Wikileaks founder. They stem back to his work with Chelsea Manning back in March of 2010. This particular quote from page 4 of the warrant caught my attention. It is...



Menenism                 I am an individual that loves to see and understand other perspectives. For a long time, I was a devoted feminist. I stated in another blog that “I used to be a lot of things.” Here we are again. When I was devoted to my fellow women and their struggles, I...

Is ISIS Really Defeated? Asking for a voter.

Is ISIS really defeated?

This week, President Trump produced a map to show how well he has done fighting against ISIS. He claimed that the one little dot representing ISIS territory would be wiped out within 24 hours. This caused me to ask the question. Is ISIS really defeated? I ask this because every couple of weeks the...

Black Smoke Matters and the April 12th Shutdown

Black Smoke Matters

I am an over-the-road truck driver. I have been driving for 22 years. Furthermore, I am also a blogger. Thus it makes sense that I should weigh in on the looming April 12th shutdown, and the group behind it. Black Smoke Matters is organizing the shutdown. Who are they? What do they want? How far will they...

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