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Articles on the current political issues of the day.

Workplace Violence & The Virginia Beach Shooting

I was looking up how to prevent work place violence because of the twelve people who lost their lives at Virginia Beach's municipal center. What I found on Google was downright laughable. One site suggested posting a sign banning firearms. Another site suggested paying attention to your surroundings.

The Transformation of Julian Assange

The transformation of Julian Assange.

Last week, London Police went into the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested Julian Assange on a warrant from the United States. The warrant details the complaints against the Wikileaks founder. They stem back to his work with Chelsea Manning back in March of 2010. This particular quote from page 4 of the warrant caught my attention. It is...


Menenism                 I am an individual that loves to see and understand other perspectives. For a long time, I was a devoted feminist. I stated in another blog that “I used to be a lot of things.” Here we are again. When I was devoted to my fellow women and their struggles, I...

Is ISIS Really Defeated? Asking for a voter.

Is ISIS really defeated?

This week, President Trump produced a map to show how well he has done fighting against ISIS. He claimed that the one little dot representing ISIS territory would be wiped out within 24 hours. This caused me to ask the question. Is ISIS really defeated? I ask this because every couple of weeks the...

Black Smoke Matters and the April 12th Shutdown

Black Smoke Matters

I am an over-the-road truck driver. I have been driving for 22 years. Furthermore, I am also a blogger. Thus it makes sense that I should weigh in on the looming April 12th shutdown, and the group behind it. Black Smoke Matters is organizing the shutdown. Who are they? What do they want? How far will they...

Big Government: Right or Left?

This is your choice. Left wing big government, or right wing big government. The days of the small government conservative are dead. These views used to have a home in the Republican Party. The GOP now sees the Federal Government as a way to browbeat state and local government into submission. I'll save the latest example for...

Democrats and Infanticide; Is the GOP right?

The Republican Party has been going out of their way to tie the Democrats to infanticide. Is this what the left really believes in? Ralph Northam's poorly worded comments have been used to make the case. Laws pushed by Democrats in Virginia and New York have also been targets. Furthermore, Republicans have capitalized on a recent bill...

Uniting Against Police State Tactics

To be clear, when I say "police state tactics" I mean just that. We do not live in a police state here in the United States. However, since the 1970's the federal government has been legislating more powerful weapons and tactics for use by our law enforcement agencies. The language, uniforms, and culture of everyone from county...

Northam’s Abortion Comment Revisited

Ralph Northam's abortion comment got a lot of play in the media this week, and I believe it was unfairly presented in the wrong light by people with a political agenda. I'm going to give my 2 cents on the issue, but I'm not going to try to change anybody's mind or tell you what you should think. I...

Talking Points

Social Media: "Talking Points"                 I hate the term talking points. If you read and participate in online debates, you know the term. It is a phrase often used when one person cannot find any other wit or quip to come back with a valid argument or statement, regarding the topic.

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