Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Trump Was Talking About Bleach: Proof


For some reason, Trump's supporters are still trying to defend him on the disinfectant injections. Why? I don't know. I eviscerated one of the attempts yesterday. However, there are plenty more out there. Thus, I have decided to bring the proof. President Trump was talking about bleach, and other disinfectants. Moreover, he was suggesting they be used...

Respiratory Therapist & Disinfectant Injections


In a press conference this week, President Trump suggested that doctors should look into the possibility of injecting people with disinfectants to fight the coronavirus. Many people found the suggestion to be patently absurd. However, a respiratory therapist says not so fast. Do they have a point? Let's investigate.

President Trump’s Response to COVID-19


Donald Trump could've been one of the great Presidents. Saying that, I've angered 70% of you. Some because I implied that he isn't. Others because I considered the possibility. However, I thought about this during his Press Conference today. It was on President Trump's response to COVID-19. In it, he talked about his...

Partisanship Over Patriotism in the GOP


Last year, the South Carolina GOP voted to cancel the Republican Primary. This despite the fact that South Carolinian Mark Sanford is challenging President Trump on the GOP side. The Palmetto State GOP abandons all pretense of patriotism with their latest move. The party is urging it's members to vote for Sanders in the Democrat Primary. They...

Border Wall Swindle: A Fence Transitions


During President Trump's State of the Union address, he mentioned the work being done on the border wall. I'm not going to argue about his misleading statements. Instead, let's just take his statement at face value. Moreover, let's assume his statements are 100% correct. What do they tell us about his promise to build a wall?

Trump’s Demagoguery on Healthcare


Last night President Trump delivered his State of the Union address. Much attention is being given to the lies and misleading statements he made. Others are paying more attention to the childish antics of President Trump's handshake snub, and Nancy Pelosi's post speech outburst. Howeve, I was more struck by the flagrant presentation of President Trump's demagoguery....

Republicans Know Trump Did Wrong


Sometimes you have to speculate about what someone else really believes. This time, no such speculation is necessary. Republicans know that what President Trump did on the phone call with Ukraine was wrong, and I can prove it. On Tuesday the House had their hearings on impeachment counts. House Republicans went to great...

Horowitz Report Deals Blow To Trump


Right wing media has been hyping the Horowitz Report for months. Now it is here. Rather than going into a deep analysis of the report, there's a simple way to find out which side benefits most from the report. Simply put, the report deals a blow to Trump. Why do I say that? Because last night James...

Everyone Poops, Including President Trump


Ever wonder what subsisting entirely on a diet of well done steak drenched in ketchup and washed down with Diet Coke does to your digestive system? Well wonder no more, curious reader. Yesterday the President of the United States engaged in some toilet talk. However, this time it didn't include two Russian hookers in a suite formerly...

Trump Is Not My President: I’ll Explain


It's a phrase that drives right wingers nuts. "Trump is not my President". To be fair, I understand why. Many people use it to disrespect the man. Full disclosure, I don't generally utter those words. However, they ring true to me. Are you offended by that? If so, allow me to explain. In...

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