CNN Graphics Error Identifies Northam as “R”


A CNN graphics error misidentified Virginia’s governor Ralph Northam as a Republican instead of a Democrat on AC360 Friday night. The screenshot of the incident has since been making its rounds on the world wide web. Of course, the accompanying claim is that CNN did this on purpose to tarnish the Republican Party.

Now before you crush me for calling this a CNN graphics error as opposed to calling it a blatant case of media bias and fake news, take a second to watch the video.

Anderson Cooper originally tweeted the video with the CNN graphics error included, then later tweeted a version that noted the error and included a correction. But there I go again with the “error” as opposed to “fake news”.

CNN Graphics Error:

CNN Graphics Error

Now I want you to do yourself a favor and head on over to YouTube and search for “CNN calls Northam Republican“. There is no shortage of videos put out by right wing sources showing the error and calling it “fake news”. Furthermore, they are lambasting CNN for their bias in trying to attribute Ralph Northam to the Republican Party. However, all of these videos leave out one key quote from Anderson Cooper.

“One of the men in it, either the Klansman or the guy in blackface, is right now the Democratic Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam.”

On social media, the attacks are even more blatant as many simply share the screenshot of the CNN graphics error so that they don’t have to edit the video to remove the aforementioned quote from Cooper.

CNN has to do better.

Now this isn’t a post of absolution for CNN. They know how sensitive the President Trump is to media coverage. Furthermore, they know how he loves to complain about fake news. Any error is going to be magnified and replayed across the broad spectrum of right wing media. Yes, even a simple graphics error. Stop giving him ammo.

That having been said, we’re all humans and as such are prone to mistakes. The right really needs to stop this constant bellyaching about how unfairly they are treated. Not only is it unbecoming, but it’s clearly disingenuous when you’re editing videos to capitalize on a CNN graphics error as “Fake News”.

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