The Counter Puncher; Trump Defense Gone Absurd

President Trump Counter Puncher

Tonight, Adolfo Franco was on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 show defending President Trump’s recent attacks on John McCain. Adolfo had the audacity to use the “counter puncher” defense. Yes, he tried to get away with saying the President is counter-punching a dead guy. This is the level of absurdity that Trump defenders think will fly on television. When it comes to media, or more specifically social media, they may be right. However, there is hope.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a lifelong Republican turned independent. Thus, many of my friends and family are Republicans. Furthermore, many of them are Trump supporters. I can assure you, they will buy this defense… on social media. They will share it. Moreover, they will claim to believe it. But do they?

President Trump, the counter puncher.
The counter punch.

President Trump, the counter puncher.

There’s a local small business here in Cookeville Tn that I am fiercely loyal to. However, the owner is a loyal Trump supporter on Facebook. I won’t name him. We’re the type of guys who can knock down drag out fight politics on social media, yet shake hands and ask how the family is in person. To be honest, isn’t that how it should be? I disagree with some of his politics, but I stand by him as an honorable and decent person.

Today, I stopped by his business. We had a chat. Shocker. It was mostly business. However, we did discuss the politics we debate on Facebook. What might surprise you is that his face-to-face opinion is slightly different from his social media opinion. Not on issues, but on President Trump. I’ve noticed this with some family members who support President Trump as well.

It’s easy on social media to defend the indefensible. In real life, however, it is much harder. Why? Because my friend who runs a local business is a good guy. My cousin who supports Trump is a good person. I know that about both of these people. What flies under the anonymity of social media doesn’t necessarily fly during a face-to-face conversation with someone who disagrees.

The complaints I get from both of them are similar. “I wish Trump wouldn’t tweet. Someone needs to tell him to shut up. I agree with a lot of what he does, but some of the things he says bother me.”

President Trump, the counter puncher.

I write this not to suggest that my friends and family won’t vote for President Trump again. Conversely, they most likely will. My point is that we probably aren’t really that far apart. I often think of this when I see the posts from some of my friends that I don’t know as well who support President Trump. How many of them have their own private reservations about the guy?

The political conclusion that you should draw from this post.

Spoiler alert. There isn’t one. I’m not trying to tell you who will win the Democrat Primary. This isn’t a prediction about who will be the next President. Conversely, this is a unifying post. Maybe we’re not that different. It’s possible that even Trump supporters are offended by some of the things the President says. Maybe they don’t admit that on social media. However, it’s possible that they too are offended by some of his outbursts.

Let’s be honest here. The country is surviving. There are areas where President Trump has done quite well. The economy is performing well. Isis is on the run. I am adamantly opposed to President Trump, however I will readily admit that he hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster.

What the President has been is an embarrassment. He’s been an embarrassment in his words and his attitude towards heroes like John McCain. This is because the President isn’t a good person. I could live with a counter puncher. However, I’m not gullible enough to subscribe to the notion that one can counter punch against a dead man. Perhaps most of Trump’s supporters aren’t either. Maybe they are defending the policies that he has enacted more than his rhetoric. If so, this post won’t have much impact on the next election. If, however, it helps you understand your neighbor a little better, my job here is done.


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