FitBit & Your Health

Is there a link between FitBit and your overall wellness?

Fitbit and your health.
FitBit Charge 3.

As an over the road trucker, it can be hard to live a healthy lifestyle. Diet is a big part of it, but it can be hard to find the time and place to maintain a good exercise regiment. A few years ago, I picked up a FitBit tracker and it really helped me to improve my exercise routine. That’s when I realized there was a real tie between FitBit and your health. Recently, I upgraded to the Charge 3 and I realized how much having a more modern tracker with better features can improve your exercise routing. This won’t be a review of the Charge 3, although I will get into some of the features. This is more of an observation piece on how much these devices can help truckers improve their lifestyle.

My old tracker was the Alta, and it was a very basic tracker. It monitored your steps, periods of continuous exercise, recorded your sleep time, and that was about it. That’s good, as it did encourage me to hit my daily goals, but it was lacking some key features that the Charge 3 has that are really helping me improve my daily exercise periods.

FitBit and your health. Fitbit monitors your exercise patterns.
FitBit App Dashboard

Here are the improved features and how they help me:

  • Heart rate sensor. I found it surprising how slightly altering my walking path or the speed at which I am walking can push my heart rate into a better zone for exercise.
  • Timers: It has both a stopwatch and countdown timer feature. The countdown feature is the one that has really helped me. If I’m walking in an unfamiliar area and I want to walk for 30 minutes, I set the countdown for 15 minutes and when it goes off, I know it’s time to turn around and head back.
  • It has settings for and recognizes different types of exercise. I also ride a bike while I’m on the road, but it can also recognize wight lifting, running, and other forms of exercise to give you a better ability to track your performance while doing those things.

There’s also a greatly enhanced sleep monitoring section on the Charge 3. It actually shows you how much time you spend in deep, light, and REM sleep stages. By carefully tracking this based on your diet, exercise, and other factors relating to your sleep you could theoretically improve the quality of your rest each night. I haven’t had it long enough to make any serious observations on this aspect so I didn’t include it on the list. This even broadens the way that you can see the tie between FitBit and your health. Here’s a look at how the sleep chart looks and the data it shows you.

FitBit and your health. FitBit monitors your sleep patterns.
Sleep chart

Now am I saying that if you have an Alta you need to go out and upgrade right away? No. The Alta was good and it worked well for me for several years. What I am saying is this. If you have a low end fitness tracker that is light on options, and you are looking to upgrade, you should consider one with features like this one. They really aren’t gimmicks. They can have a very positive impact on your workout routine and your overall fitness.

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