“Glass” by M. Night Shyamalan


Shyamalan’s most popular movie was the 1999 “The Sixth Sense”. He’s also known for, “Unbreakable”, “Signs” “The Village”, “Lady In The Water”, “The Happening”, “Split” and now “Glass”, which is a trilogy which began with Unbreakable, Split and now Glass.

James McAvoy plays Kevin Wendell Crumb. A man with multiple personalities. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson reprise their roles from the Unbreakable.

The truth is I am going to have to watch it again. There are too many unanswered questions. The ending was not what I thought it would be at all! Honestly, I wouldn’t have been interested in Glass, if it hadn’t been for Split. As of now, I can only give the movie Glass 5 out of 10. However, you don’t have to just take my opinion. Here is what rotten tomato said.

Critics Consensus: Glass displays a few glimmers of M. Night Shyamalan at his twisty world-building best, but ultimately disappoints as the conclusion to the writer-director’s long-gestating trilogy.

James McAvoy is a terrific actor. He shifts into different personalities flawlessly. I would recommend “Split” with no hesitation at all.

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