Going Rogue: Rogues Anthology Audiobook Review

Going Rogue with Rogues.
"Rogues" An anthology featuring 21 original short stories.

I love audiobooks. I generally go through several a month. Thus, to save some money, I often look for long books. When I saw that “Rogues” was over 30 hours long, I had to jump on it. Soon I was going rogue with over 20 authors. Each story is over one hour long. Furthermore, the stories are compiled from some of today’s hottest authors.

This book really let me down. It was my fault. I didn’t bother to do my research. I’m not a fan of the fantasy genre. However, I did enjoy a few of the fantasy stories. Unfortunately, it was the genre that dominated the book. Hence, my disappointment.

I’m not trying to be negative towards the book. It’s just something to be aware of. Check the authors. Check the genres. Make sure it’s of interest to you before you buy. I didn’t do that, and that was my fault.

That said, I want to focus on what I did like about the book. There were several stories that I really enjoyed. I want to focus on two of them here.

Going Rogue with Gillian Flynn

Going Rogue with Gillian Flynn
What Would You Do?

I’ve made no secret about it. I’m a fan. I’ve yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve read from her. Moreover, “What Do You Do” is a fabulous short story. It’s the second offering of the book.

Gillian writes about a grifter. A young girl grows up in the world of scamming. Thus, as an adult she turns to what she knows best. The story starts with a fabulously funny take on the art of giving handjobs. Our character works in a psychic reading house that doubles as an erotic massage parlor. Unfortunately, she develops carpal tunnel. As a result, she moves from the back of the shop to the front.

Everyone in this story is a rogue. Therefore, it is difficult to tell who the chief rogue is. Is it the woman who hires her to cleanse her haunted or possessed house? Perhaps it’s the woman’s husband who our main character has been servicing in the back. Subsequently, it could be her stepson, who cons the con-woman into taking him to Chattanooga.

This was my favorite story in the book. It had some fun twists and turns. It was also lighthearted and had a comedic quality to it. The story is available in standalone form under the title “The Grownup“.

Provenance by David W. Ball

Going Rogue with David W. Ball
Provenance by David W. Ball

This was my second favorite entry. It was my first encounter with David Ball. “Provenance” is the tale of a painting. A shady art dealer is selling it to a shady preacher. In short, this story is also full of rogues. Nazis, thieves, and murderers all touch this piece of art before it is stolen by an exterminator.

To summarize, this story is the history of the painting. Who owned it. How they acquired it. The painting has a long and storied history. Consequently, it gets copied. Therefore, the real rogue is our main character. He sells the two copies to unscrupulous collectors. By the way, they had it coming. He is able to sell the original to a good guy who collects art.

Is it worth going rogue?

In conclusion, I would not buy this book again. This is largely based on my issues with the genres. Likewise. I assume that fantasy fans might be disappointed with the non-fantasy entries. However, if you have a broad range of interests this book might be for you. Especially if those interests include Rogues.

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