Governor Kemp Posed With Gregory McMichael?


Social media users are at it again. This time, they are circulating an image of Governor Kemp of Georgia posing with Gregory McMichael. McMichael was arrested earlier this week in connection with the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. That is indeed governor Kemp in the image. However, it’s not Gregory McMichael. Stand by. This is where it gets interesting.

Governor Kemp poses with Gregory McMichael? False.

It turns out that this is a completely different bigot. This guy’s name is Jim Stachowiak. Apparently, he gets on YouTube and rants about killing Black Lives Matter protesters. Hence, the media gets on Governor Kemp about it. Why would he pose with this racist? Here’s the response from Kemp.

“On these bus tours you can see (supporters) take hundreds of pictures you know – sometimes a day — and I certainly don’t agree with his extreme views.”

Governor Kemp

Then Governor Deal was at the event with Kemp. Hence they asked him about it as well. Here’s his reply.

Kemp and Gov. Deal say they’ve never screened wellwishers seeking photographs. “Politicians on a campaign trail don’t know who comes up to take a picture with them just as I don’t know the people today who might come and want a picture ith me,” Deal said. “I think that’s what we’re expected to do.”

Kemp and Deal

Governor Kemp doesn’t do screening.

Seriously? Gee, too bad your staff was too busy kicking minority voters off of the registration list to check this guys Facebook page and make sure there wasn’t something embarrassing on it, huh?

The guy’s wearing an Islamophobic shirt, for crying out loud. How much screening do you need to do? “Hey, idiot in the hate shirt. Get out of line.” Voila! Problem solved.

Moreover, why is that even when President Trump misses an event, the guy wearing a Trump hat is still the dumbest guy in the room? Spoiler alert. Yes, Allah is God. See?

Governor Kemp Jim Stachowiak.

His shirt literally says “God is not God”. However, don’t think I went soft and missed the real point here. Governor Kemp, you may not agree with that bigot’s extreme views. Rather, that bigot agrees with your extreme views. At the end of the day, what’s the difference?

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