Horowitz Report Deals Blow To Trump


Right wing media has been hyping the Horowitz Report for months. Now it is here. Rather than going into a deep analysis of the report, there’s a simple way to find out which side benefits most from the report. Simply put, the report deals a blow to Trump. Why do I say that? Because last night James Comey was on CNN’s AC360. Tomorrow, he won’t be on FOX and Friends.

Horowitz Report Contains Something For Both Sides.

Each side will be pushing a narrative about the report in the coming days. Don’t be fooled. The Democrats love this. Moreover, the GOP hates it. Why? Because this report devastates the argument that President Trump has been making about the Russia investigation.

  1. The FBI investigation was predicated on sufficient evidence.
  2. It was not politically motivated.
Horowitz Report is devastating to Trump.

There is a bigger picture issue that shouldn’t be ignored here, however. Once again we see abuses by law enforcement when investigating citizens. This is a topic that I have been on for some time.

  1. The FBI did sloppy work when filing for the FISA warrant.
  2. An FBI lawyer falsified a document to obtain the warrant.
  3. The FISA judges appear to be a rubber stamp in the process.

How the report can help the Country.

Let’s not let either point get lost here. This report shows that the President of the United States has been lying to us for 3 years. His wires weren’t tapped. There were no spies sent to infiltrate his campaign. Furthermore, the investigation was not a witchhunt. However, the investigation was flawed.

Law Enforcement needs to be reigned in on their abuses of power. Hence, the left can do their little victory dance here, but hopefully not at the expense of reform. We need to hold the FBI accountable for their mistakes, and ensure that the appropriate changes are made to the process. The important thing here is that we make sure these mistakes don’t happen again.

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