Houston, We Have Another Moron

Houston, we have another moron.
President Trump, this is the moon.

Politicians aren’t immune from saying stupid things. Sometimes it is a slip of the tongue. However, politicians often try to sound knowledgeable on subjects they know nothing about. Thus, they end up showing their ignorance in a very public and pronounced way. This is one of those occasions. Houston, we have another moron.

Back in 1997, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee was invited on a field trip to NASA. She was chosen because the NASA facility is hin her district. Hence, she is a big part of acquiring funding for the organization. However, a funny thing happened while she was there.

Jackson Lee, whose district neighbors the Johnson Space Center, is a member of the House Committee on Science, and so it was that she spent part of her summer recess visiting the Mars Pathfinder Operations Center in Pasadena, California. While there, according to an article by Sandy Hume in The Hill, a weekly newspaper that covers Congress, Jackson Lee asked if the Pathfinder succeeded in taking pictures of the American flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Of course, Armstrong planted the flag on the Moon, as any high schooler should be able to tell you, let alone a 47-year-old Yale graduate.

Texas Monthly, citing The Hill

Last week President Trump gave some good context to the representative’s comments. Apparently, Lee had it figured out long before the rest of us did. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present our latest installment of Trump Be Tweetin.

With all due respect, I have to call Fake News on this one. In fairness, I’m not a rocket scientist. Furthermore, I’m not an astronomer. However I am pretty sure that the Moon is not a part of Mars.

Houston, we have another moron.

Houston, we have a moron! Mars.
Mr. President, this is Mars.

A lot of folks want to focus on his flip flops here. Others are talking about how he’s opposing Mike Pence on this one. I would rather get to the source of the problem. The President of the United States is a moron.

All of the other issues can be understood once this simple concept is realized. That is why he constantly puts his foot in his mouth. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He lashes out verbally at his opponents because he doesn’t have the mental capacity to debate them. Think I’m wrong? Consider this quote from the article linked above.

Such stories are, of course, old hat in an era of gotcha journalism, and this one surely would have gone away without much notice had it not been for what happened next. Livid over Hume’s article, Jackson Lee’s deputy chief of staff, Leon Buck, wrote a letter to the editor of the Hill accusing Hume, who is white, of racism. “You thought you could have fun with a black woman member of the Science Committee,” Buck wrote, comparing the article with racial slurs directed at Tiger Woods after the Masters Tournament. He also criticized Hume’s failure to use “the proper spelling of her name,” a reference to a hyphen that incorrectly appeared between “Jackson” and “Lee.” (As Hume notes, Jackson Lee’s name is hyphenated in Congressional Quarterly’s Who’s Who in Congress 1997 and Politics in America 1998.) What Buck didn’t do, however, was deny that she asked the question.

They’re right. The criticism of Representative Lee had nothing to do with race. However, since her comments couldn’t be defended her supporters deflected. The same holds true here with President Trump. I’m criticizing him here. Hence, I will be called a “Never Trumper” and a hater. However, my point remains.

My criticism of President Trump here has nothing to do with policy, party, or personal preferences. It’s a simple observation. That is a stupic statement from a stupid person. Houston, we have another moron indeed.


  1. What this imbecile idiot doesn’t understand is, we HAVE to return to the Moon before we can go to Mars. Because when you go to Mars you’re going to have to STAY there for 20 months, minimum. In order to perfect that, we must do it ON THE MOON first.

    We would have to STAY on Mars because the only way we can make the trip between it and us is when the two are on the same side of the sun! And that’s a 26 month orbit we’re talking about and it would take 9 or ten months, just to get there! (at best)

    Does this idiot think the Moon is a part of Mars? In context, his tweet is complaining about NASA pushing a return Moon trip, he thinks we should go to Mars instead, so it sounds like he knows they are two separate, apart, things. But it’s just as stupid to believe we can just jump up and go to Mars now without perfecting living offworld for up to two years, as it would be if he thought the Moon was part of Mars.

    Either way, once again he demonstrates his total ignorance and idiocy. But it might be even worse than you think it is – he MIGHT indeed believe the Moon is a part of Mars, AND not know we have to live on the Moon first, to learn how to live on Mars! That would make him a double dumbass!

  2. By the way it’s celestial mechanics combined with our lack of technology that makes a trip to Mars problematic. We cannot possibly carry enough fuel to get us there. So we would be stuck doing it like we did with the Moon – get halfway there, and let the Moon pull us the rest of the way. For Mars, that window is very short – because we would be aiming at a point in space where Mars isn’t, anticipating that by the time we get there its gravitational field will pick us up and drag us in. Same is true for the return trip.

    What do we take with us? We haven’t the first clue. This tech needs to be developed and tested, on the Moon first. Hell, the rocket capable of taking a crew, its shelter, supplies, tools, fuel and everything else to Mars hasn’t even been developed yet and therefore doesn’t even exist!

    But, let’s reason this out – why do we need to go to the Moon? Only reason is to learn to live offworld, develop the techniques and the technology to be able to then, go to Mars. $30 billion over 5 years, NASA is talking, for this Moon venture. Zero budget even, for Mars so far.

    So this begs the question – why do we need to go to Mars anyway? What the hell is going to be worth the initial 30 billion and then what I am sure is another half-trillion before all is said and done? There’s no reason they can name that makes it in any way cost beneficial. “Scientific discovery” where mars is concerned is really only a code word for “We have to get there first!” Nobody else is even interested. What’s the compelling reason? The reason that is worth probably half a trillion dollars we could be applying at home to try to make better, a myriad of problems we have right here on Earth?

    If there is no real reason to go to Mars, there’s no reason at all to go back to the Moon.

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