The Name Game


Howdy. My real name is Read Good, (Pronounced, ‘Red.’) Make of it what you want, I’ve heard it all. One of my uncles on my mother’s side, his surname is ‘Neckerson.’ And so we have, Red Neckerson. Kind of as a joke sort of.

Why my parents didn’t spell it right still confounds me. Maybe they wanted me to take inspiration from the name, so that I would learn to ‘read good.’ Was that read the same way I typed it?

Words are funny. They can sound exactly the same but have completely different meanings. Especially when you get into the category of ‘Redneck’ words. Sea knees is one such. “Y’all sea knees new smart phones these days?” And so on.

My younger sister refused to be named, just wouldn’t let it happen. She simply didn’t want to be saddled with something like “Real Good.’ ‘Look Good,’ ‘Feel Good,’ or anything like that. Oh wait, she actually never had that choice. Unfortunately the product of an affair my mother had, and in order to keep that information secret she had to go. Backroom abortion which fortunately I believe, also ended my mother’s ability to continue to procreate willy-nilly. But, that’s all an entirely different article.

I seem to be rambling. Actually it’s intentional – Sometimes I like to see whom out there is going to be patient enough and invest enough time to read and understand and get the payoff eventually, that I might actually get to the point. Say what I’m trying to say. The reward is coming.

(Two hours later) But…. Not this time. I’ve completely forgotten what it was I was going to write about. Seriously, the thoughts simply left me. All I can do now is thank you for reading, encourage you to watch for further drivel from me, and part with you by offering my default closing line…..

This is Red Neckerson GOOD DAY!


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