Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities. Good Idea?


Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Trump Administration had considered releasing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. On CNN, the right wing pundits I heard questioned the authentic of the report. Fake news, unnamed sources. That type of thing. However, President Trump confirmed the report and doubled down on it in a tweet today.


Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only….

This idea is firing up a lot of President Trump’s core supporters. They seem to love it. Is it, however, a good idea to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities?

To the right, it’s an adequate punishment. You welcome illegal immigrants with open arms? Excellent. The federal government is sending you more. Enjoy, and have fun.

To the left, the President is dehumanizing illegal immigrants. They’re pawns in his political game. He’s attempting to use them as a form of punishment against his political opponents.

There is some validity to both arguments. However, I like to look for the middle ground. Thus, we need to consider the practical implications, not just the political strategy.

President Trump’s views on illegal immigration.

The President says he opposes illegal immigration. He wants to secure the border to block illegal crossings. Furthermore, he wants to capture those who have illegally crossed and deport them.

Sanctuary cities, on the other hand, don’t share those values. They refuse to work with the federal government on enforcing immigration law. They don’t inform ICE before releasing undocumented immigrants from jail. Furthermore, they don’t ask immigration status when people report crimes.

Is sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities a good policy decision?

Illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

President Trump is proposing targeting the release of the people he wants to deport into the very cities that will later refuse to cooperate with his efforts. Finding the flaw in this strategy isn’t very difficult. It is glaringly obvious to anyone who looks past the politics to the policy. It would be an idiotic decision. That’s why I highly doubt that it will happen.

What will happen is that the chorus from Trump supporters will get louder. If sanctuary cities love illegal immigrants so much, why don’t they want to take them? Good question. Allow me to explain.

Stop believing your own lies.

Sanctuary cities don’t want people to illegally enter the country. They’re neither encouraging it nor facilitating it. They’re simply refusing to bear the cost and responsibility of enforcing federal law. Moreover, your leaders are lying to you when they claim this equates to encouraging illegal immigration.

This fact should be obvious to you. If it isn’t, you need to get out of your particular echo chamber. If you’re on the far right and supporting Trump in this policy, you’re literally cheering against your own self interest. However, if you’re on the far left and actually do want more illegal immigrants in the country, you should welcome this.

Those of us in the middle should oppose this nonsense. Dehumanizing people and treating them as pawns in a game is wrong. Punishing your political opponents is also wrong. Furthermore, strategically placing illegal immigrants in places where they will be hardest to remove is moronic. Hopefully common sense will prevail over political gamesmanship.


  1. The reason I think Sanctuary cities are a bad idea for illegal immigrants is because they would be essentially trapped in that city. For example, Denver is a Sanctuary city. That sounds great, and there is a very diverse group of immigrants here. I can name almost every nationality just living nearby me. We have all kinds of people. But, there is an ICE camp and deportation facility in nearby Aurora, just next door. If an illegal immigrant is caught anywhere out side of the city, those officers will capture them. Now, that being said, offering sanctuary to some immigrants while they correct their paper work or wait for their asylum hearings is another thing. The stay in a sanctuary city for illegals, should essentially be a short one. When their hearings are finished, when their documents are corrected, and they still refuse to go home, is when they begin to become a drag on the economy. When their documents, dates, and money runs out, they essentially have nowhere else to go and are trapped in their sanctuary city or left homeless. The system is only handy if you can work it to your advantage.

    • I don’t honestly think that illegal immigrants factor the sanctuary status of a city into their decision of where to live very much at all. They’re looking for work and housing they can afford.

      As far as ICE goes, they can go into Denver and arrest as many illegals as they want. Nothing is stopping them. Denver simply won’t hold them for ICE or deliver them to ICE, but the agency is free to go and get them.

  2. Trump can’t think past his own bigotry and racism…. Otherwise he would understand that busing immigrants illegal or otherwise to the “sancturary cities” wouldn’t in any way discourage illegal entry – in fact it would encourage it much more! Think about it – gee, should we risk life and limb to traverse a big part of S. America on foot, trudge through treacherous Mexico, to get to the US border? HELL YES if we know they’re gonna give us a free bus ride to San Fran or Denver! You kidding?

    The fact that Trump can’t think at all, notwithstanding.

  3. And…. After further thought and not for nothing… The Democrats should be hailing this as the best idea since sliced bread. CALL him on his bluffery, encourage his pandering. Tell him “hell yeah, bus ’em ALL to our welcoming cities!” Then those cities get lotsn lotsa federal dollars rolling in, get these immigrants naturalized as quickly as possible, and you have instant Dem voters added! Then pay to move them into RED areas of the country. Turn this whole sucka BLUE within a decade!

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