ISIS Bride or Syrian Boy? Meme Busted!


Mike Pompeo and President Trump have made news this week, declaring that the ISIS bride is not a U.S. citizen. They have decided to block her from entering the United States. In the wake of this decision, the Facebook meme pictured above has begun popping up all over my feed. Is that the ISIS bride?

ISIS Bride:

I want to test this meme. Hence, we need to see what the alleged individual in the photograph looks like. Here is a photo of the woman in question, Hoda Muthana.

ISIS Bride
Hoda Muthana

The picture in the meme is unclear. It doesn’t capture the face well enough for identification. However, there is a telling clue. The headdress she is wearing is inconsistent with the attire worn in the meme. Since it’s religious gear, one would expect that to be more consistent. Hence, this begins to cast doubt on the authenticity of the subject. Moreover, it calls into question the gender of the subject.

Digging around, I found this article which contains the original image featured in the meme. It’s dated 2015. The article claims the picture is of a young Syrian boy. They link to this article in the Independent, which contains more images including this one.

ISIS Bride or Syrian boy
Image from meme.
ISIS Bride or Syrian boy
Syrian boy.

ISIS Bride or Syrian Boy?

His uniform and headdress match the meme. The images are taken from a video released by ISIS. This is proof positive that the image in the meme is a Syrian boy, not the ISIS Bride. Those spreading this meme are propagating false information for a political goal. This meme is busted!

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