I’ve never been a cat guy, but…


So here’s the story. I’m not a cat fan. More specifically, I don’t like pets. Other people’s pets are fine. However, one of the best things about modern civilization is our houses. Perhaps the best thing about them is the walls. Walls keep things out. Preferably animals. Unpopular view, I know, but that’s the way I see it.

When you live with others, they bring their needs and desires with them. The others I live with love animals. Hence, a longstanding battle was waged between myself and the stream of animals that were lured to our house. Upon our arrival in Cookeville, the main culprit was a stray cat.

Meet our cat Cornpone

Cornpone the cat
He’s plotting to take over the world.

Cornpone was a cat who belonged to a neighbor who moved out before we arrived. His name was Dale. He is a great cat, but unfortunately something kept beating him up. One day while I was home, he got torn up pretty good so we took him to the vet. We got him cleaned up and moved in and he’s been ours ever since.

One cat should be enough for anyone. However, not in our family. Talk of getting a kitten has popped up here and there. I’ve successfully avoided such an acquisition, until now. Or should I say “meow”?

Meet Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow the cat
Don’t let her looks fool you. She’s pure evil.

Yes, it’s a she. Chairman Meow is a girl. We’re looking into the possibility that I suck at naming cats. Anyhow, Chairman (or Cherry, if you prefer) came with a complication. Apparently, she’s a cat. Cornpone hates cats.

Originally, he largely ignored her. However, she’s hyper and overly curious. She likes to chase his tail and try to wrestle with him. The fighting ensued. Not bad, and mostly playful but he does get annoyed with her sometimes.

So tonight, they were both napping on the cat tree. At some point, Chairman wanted to snuggle. Hence, she climbs up on his ledge. Shocking, he allowed her to do so. Pictures or it didn’t happen? As you wish.

I've never been a cat guy, but...

Perhaps he was just lazy. Or, maybe they’re bonding. The only sure thing is it looks like I’m stuck with another cat. I guess I can live with that.


  1. Males are the nurturers, in the cat world. Big cats in the wild or “domesticated” cats, same deal. Don’t know why but when the mother cat is finished with the babies, they no longer exist to her but the males WILL and do, bond with the babies. Seen it all my life, no idea why. Be sure though to get the “Chairman” fixed, as soon as she is old enough. Or, you’re gonna have big problems.

    • That’s awesome info, Red. I’ve never noticed that the males were the nurturers. Just curious, when is she going to need to be fixed? You’re saving me a call to the vet. Lol. We certainly are getting her fixed.

      • I think after 4 mos she can tolerate the surgery. My suggestion is call your vet and ask. They’re going to want to give her all her shots first, and then typically 2 weeks after that they would schedule the surgery.

        • By the way, that whole male bonding with the babies thing? Not so if the baby is a product of their rival, in such case it’s not unusual at all for the male to kill and even eat, that kitten or kittens. Just a side note.

  2. Humorous and light… I enjoyed reading about the cats. lol. It elicited a huge grin and soft chuckle.

    • I KNOW you love that cat. He’s your buddy, No matter how long you stay out he still runs up to you when you get home to get his head patted. Amazing.

      • In my experience, the boy cats are loyal to the person in the house they consider the leader. He admires you, you go out and hunt and you keep trying. Even though, in his eyes no doubt you’re a towering failure as a hunter, you’re yet to bring home any kill you made! But he respects your dedication and effort. They don’t forget you and they bond to you. The female cats? Could care less. They’re the ones who give cats their stand-offish stereotype.

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