Kids These Days


I don’t know how it was in many of your homes. I just knew, understood and respected, “Grandpa’s chair”. Grandpa’s chair was off limits. Even when he was away from his chair. I was lucky to have both Grandpas. So I understand the etiquette of what it meant. Kids these days do not: A) understand B) don’t care.

Which brings it back around to me. I have a recliner. It doesn’t hurt my back as much as sitting on the sofa. Everyone know it’s my chair! So why is it that EVERY TIME I step away from it for a short period someone or something is sitting in MY chair.

I have to shush them away. Which has made me wonder how my plan will work and make them skedaddle. It’s a word. How it came to be? I don’t know, but I’ve been told to skedaddle. It means get gone or go away, if you prefer. I’ve thought about using caution tape and the bright orange cones. That doesn’t seem to be a viable option for me. *sigh* I’d have to hold the cone just to sit. The cats love using it as a way to JUMP up to lounge around ON TOP of my laptop. The kitten even enjoys a stroll across keyboard. She’s opened apps and things I didn’t even know I had!

I suppose I’m just going to have to do what I do when a major rule gets broken. Chase everyone around the house with a spray bottle. I can see it now. I’m going to add vinegar to it too.

Does anyone else know about Grandpa’s chair? Or maybe you have one of your own? *ahem* Asking for a friend. Lol

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Ramona Osborn Parry
I'm typically a laid back person, and I tend to avoid conflict until I've had enough. So here I am at mesofusionmedia. I write a good portion of material on neutral topics, however I am a never Trumper. The disgust I have for this administration goes to my core. However before Trump, I called myself a Republican. So what do I do without a party? I’m looking at my options. I'm leaning towards Independent. Although I’m agreeing with Democrats more and more. I still feel like an outsider, but there is one thing I know, I love this country. I love that I have three Marines in my immediate family. I'm patriotic but Trump has put a bitter taste in my mouth. He's NOT my guy. Other than that I hope you enjoy the topics I choose to write about.


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