If We Were The Problem; The Self Busting Meme

If legal gun owners were the problem, you would know it.

In the south, they have a saying. It typically applies to someone who is well meaning but not particularly bright. In their efforts to solve a problem or help someone out, they tend to screw it all up. At which point, some old southern lady will say “bless your heart”. In the Marines, we would say “good initiative, bad judgement”. Either one of these sayings apply to the meme we’re looking at today.

Before we address this meme, first allow me to say the following. I don’t expect to blow your mind with any brilliant analysis here. Moreover, one might even say I was mailing this one in. Which, if email counts, I guess I am, but I digress. This meme basically showed up and busted itself. I’m just more or less passing it along to you. However, for those who don’t get it… and that, of course, would be those who are sharing it, I’ll go ahead and kick it the last 6 feet across the finish line. Deal? Let’s do this.

If we were the problem…

Legal U.S. gun owners have 300 million guns. If we were they problem, you'd know it.
Yeah, we know it.

At this point, most of you see the flaw in the logic here. You may now return to your busy schedules. This meme has done my job for me. For those of you who didn’t quite pick up on it yet, allow me to amaze you with my brilliance. Then, of course, you can comment with “Fake News” or “You’re just a never-Trumper”. As you can see, I’ve been here before.

Last weekend, another gunman grabbed a couple of those 300 million legally owned guns and a couple hundred of those trillion legally purchased rounds of ammo. He headed into his workplace in Virginia Beach to shoot the place up. Legal guns. Furthermore, legal ammo. Now brace yourself, my learning disabled friends. This one is going to sting a little bit.

Legal gun owners, you are the freaking problem and we can’t help but notice it.

Now before you get bent out of shape, allow me to address the following points.

But what about these things that gun owners say?

  • I’m aware that illicit drugs are illegal, yet we have a drug epidemic.
  • It is also illegal to shoot up your workplace, yet he did so.
  • Murder is also illegal, yet those laws don’t stop illegal killings.
  • Banning all guns won’t get rid of guns.
  • And my personal favorite, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

I’m not calling for gun confiscation. However, we are way too loose with our gun laws. Mostly because people hyper-focus on the last part of the Second Amendment and forget about the first. A well regulated militia. I’m not saying that we should take guns away from that “militia”. I’m simply saying it’s high time we started regulating what guns they should get, and where they can get them.

Disagree with me? Fine. I’m okay with that. However, if you have not yet noticed that legal gun owners are a big part of the problem, then you too are a big part of the problem.


  1. “I don’t expect to blow your mind with any brilliant analysis here. Moreover, one might even say I was mailing this one in” You were correct. You just knocked my off first place for nothing. Never Trumper.

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