MLB TV and LG TV are incompatible

mlb tv and lg tv

I am a subscriber to MLB.TV, and I have an LG Smart TV in my living room. For the past few seasons, I have enjoyed watching baseball games on my television in the living room over the course of the summer. However, it appears that this luxury has come to an end. I fired up the MLB.Tv app on my LG and got the following message.


Yes, that is a pain.Granted, I have a ROKU tv in my truck. It still works there. I have my phone, laptop, tablet, and a Samsung TV in the bedroom. All compatible. Thus, I can watch MLB games on various devices. But the living room. The hub. The center of my baseball universe when I come home. Dead? Or is it?

I contacted MLB customer service. What I asked them was if this was an issue they were planning to resolve. I explained that I shouldn’t have to buy another device to watch a subscription service that I already pay good money for. Here is the reply that I got. and lg tv

For those of you keeping score at home, this is the link they sent me to. Yes, they are basically saying that I need to buy something else. Thus, they are telling me to buy something else. However, there is a workaround for this issue if you are experiencing it. It’s a little inconvenient, but it gets the job done.

The MLB TV and LG TV workaround.

From your LG TV main menu, go to the web browser. Go to the MLB.TV main website. Click on the “Current Subscriber” link in the top right corner. From there, you can navigate to watch the games through the TV web browser.

Of course, you can use the At Bat app to watch from your phone and cast to your tv. Similarly, you can use your laptop to do the same assuming your laptop is connectable. However, both of these sollutions have their own issues. First, if you use your phone it will tie your phone up during the game. Secondly, by using casting the feed will be tailored to your main device, not your tv. Thus, the picture quality won’t be as good as your tv is capable of.

Fortunately for me, this impacts a very small percentage of my baseball viewing. Unfortunately for those who use an LG TV as their primary way of accessing MLB.TV, the impact will be greater. Perhaps for you it would be better to get an XBox or ROKU. For the rest of you, the web browser workaround will make MLB TV and LG TV compatible. It’s just a bit of a pain to use.


  1. I was shocked by this MLB vs LG TV issue. I’m not tech savvy so it’s good to know that someone out there knows how to get around this problem.

  2. You could also get a (maybe used & cheap) Apple TV device and run there (it has the app on it), it will be played without any problems on the big LG-TV-screen…

  3. Hi All…….I got news for you. The MLB app on the Samsung TVs has a flaw for the 2021 season…….you must load the app and login each time to use it, just like you would to set it up initially. It will not work if you don’t delete the app and start fresh. I have talked to Samsung and there is no fix. MLB pointed the finger at Samsung. All I know is it worked fine last season ON THE SAME TV, and not this season without a lot of work.

  4. I’ve had similar experiences with MLB tv on a new TCL TV I just bought. Customer support at MLB tells me my device is not supported. Huh??? How did I get the app on my SmartTV if it’s not a supported device. What a croc.

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