Pay No Attention To Trump Hobbling Down a Ramp


President Trump struggled to drink water? Pay no attention. President Trump struggled to walk down a ramp? Pay no attention. Ok. The water thing is really awkward. However, that’s not the big deal here. He’s getting old. Get over it. The interesting thing happened later on Twitter.

Trump be Tweetin’

There. Pay attention to that. “The last thing I was going to do is “fall” for the Fake News to have fun with.” Ladies and Gentlemen, a rare moment of honesty from your President. Did you catch it?

If they are really “fake news”, then he wouldn’t have to fall for them to have fun with it. Right? Therefore in this statement, he’s conceding that the event would have to occur for them to report on it. Moreover, he is calling them “fake” not for faking the news. Rather, he is calling them fake for having fun at his expense. Thus, “fake news” is defined here as “news he doesn’t like”.

Pay no attention to the video I shared?

Pay no attention

Ok, now you can watch it. Did he run down the last 10 feet? I’ll let FOX take it from here.

The video clearly shows that the president did not run the “final ten feet” down to ground level. The video shows President Trump walking at a more normal speed for the last three or four steps.


People are now speculating about the President’s health. Moreover, turnabout is fair play. However, I think his explanation is rational. Of course he doesn’t want to fall on tv. Furthermore, he’s advanced in years. He’s not as agile as he once was.

At this point, if you need this video to make a case for dementia, that says more about your mental state than his. Furthermore, it’s a tough sell when Joe Biden’s on the other side telling me to vote for the other Biden for Senate.

Let’s be honest. Neither of these guys are going to know who is in the White House next January. Yet one of them will be there. Hence, in the meantime all we can do is have fun with it. Man, I can’t wait for the debates!

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