Political Hypocrisy in the Tara Reade Case


In researching another article, I came across this piece over at The Federalist. In it, Emily Jashinsky makes the case that the media and the left are treating Tara Reade’s allegations much differently than Dr. Ford’s against Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps she is right. However, it would be much more prudent to point out that there is political hypocrisy across the board in these matters. Here’s how Emily summed up her case.

Comparing Reade’s allegation with Ford’s does, indeed, produce a clearcut case study in hypocrisy on the part of the media and the left. 

Emily Jashinski

For an example of media hypocrisy in the matter, we don’t have very far to go. I submit this article from (wait for it) The Federalist. They give 21 reasons not to believe Dr. Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Of particular interest are reasons 6 and 9, which state the following.

  • Ford doesn’t know the location.
  • Ford doesn’t know the date or even what Time of week.

What did the New York Times report on Tara Reade’s allegations?

“Ms. Reade said that she could not remember the exact time, date or location of the assault.”


Hence, the accusations of hypocrisy from The Federalist are themselves hypocritical. That doesn’t make their argument wrong. There can be hypocrisy on both sides in this matter.

Political hypocrisy should always be expected.

Both sides want to defend their own. Hence, we should expect political hypocrisy from both sides. However, this accusation exposes a real flaw in our political system.

Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. Hence, Democrats should be expected to go to the mat for him. Brett Kavanaugh, however, was a Supreme Court justice nominee. He is not supposed to be political. Moreover, if his nomination fails the President gets to pick another. In other words, the Democrats don’t win if Trump’s pick loses. They simply delay the inevitable.

I think that both Biden and Reade are being treated fairly here. She is gettingto tell her story. Furthermore, the media is questioning Biden. However, her story is starting to fall apart. Expect more allegations of political hypocrisy the less her story adds up.

Biden called for any records of her complaints to be released. That is a good thing. It stands in stark contrast to the Republican efforts to block an investigation into Kavanaugh. Therein lies the real political hypocrisy in this case.

If Ford’s claims lacked merit, so do Reade’s. However, both claims should be fully vetted. Voters should know the Candidate. Democrats say they believe Biden is innocent. Hence, they should welcome a review of the records. That leaves one question. Why didn’t Republicans want Kavanaugh or President Trump investigated? On the latter, I think we all know the answer.

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