President Trump Lies And Blames The Press


President Trump lies. This isn’t anything new. However, this is a flagrant example. Moreover, it shows us how Trump lies, and then uses his lie to attack institutions in this country. In this example, the media simply reports what Trump says. They provide video of him saying. However, he apparently has changed his stance. Not wanting to admit that, he lies and blames the press.

President Trump lies and blames the media.

Trump be Tweetin’

He accuses the “fake news” of saying something. Did news outlets say that thing? Indeed they did. Why did they say it?

They said it because they were accurately reporting the news. Moreover, his own administration was also saying the same thing.

“The President has made clear he’s willing to take a meeting with no preconditions, but we are maintaining a maximum pressure campaign.

President Trump lies and blames the media.

We saw last week where the President produced a fake map to avoid taking responsibility for an incorrect statement. Here, he lies to avoid taking responsibility for a policy change. Neither one of these situations are a big deal.

In the case of the storm, he used outdated information. Thus, he merely needed to say “I misspoke on Alabama”. However, he’s incapable of owning a mistake. Hence, he lies.

In this instance he changed his mind on policy. No big deal. Sometimes situations change and policies must be revised. However, to Trump this is tantamount to admitting the old policy was wrong. Hence, President Trump lies.

Neither one of these lies are consequential. Alabama didn’t evacuate based on misinformation from the President. Furthermore, there was no meeting with Iran. So why bring it up? Because if President Trump lies about the little stuff that is easily explained, you can be sure he’s lying about the big stuff too.

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