Republicans Know Trump Did Wrong


Sometimes you have to speculate about what someone else really believes. This time, no such speculation is necessary. Republicans know that what President Trump did on the phone call with Ukraine was wrong, and I can prove it.

On Tuesday the House had their hearings on impeachment counts. House Republicans went to great lengths to insist that Trump did nothing wrong. On Wednesday, Senate Republicans showed us what the really believe.

What happened on Wednesday?

Inspector General Horowitz testified about his report on his investigation into the FBI investigation of then candidate Trump. Why was he investigating the investigators? Because Republicans believe that there was political influence behind that effort. President Trump even tweeted as much.

Trump be Tweetin’

Now, Horowitz’ investigation found that those things didn’t happen. However, President Trump’s defenders pointed out that “wires tapped” is in quotes. Therefore they concluded that he meant any type of investigation. And, since the FBI did investigate him, he was right. Hence, they demanded this investigation into the origins of the investigation. Did Obama ask the Justice Department to investigate a Republican candidate for the Presidency? Again, Horowitz says no.

However, the question itself is worthy of investigation here. Let’s say Obama did ask the FBI to do it. Assume he picked up the phone and said “I would like you to do us a favor though“. On Tuesday the Republicans were insisting there’s nothing wrong with Trump doing that in the 2020 election. However on Wednesday they were making sure Obama didn’t do it in 2016.

Republicans know Trump did wrong.

Republicans know Trump did wrong.

If Republicans honestly believe that it’s ok for the President to ask for candidates from the rival party to be investigated, than why are they concerned with the Horowitz report? Moreover, if they think it’s wrong for a President to do that, why are they defending President Trump?

Let’s be honest here. This is all an exercise in absurdity. Republicans know President Trump did wrong. They claim he was really concerned with corruption and that’s why he held up the money. However, President Trump approved funding to Ukraine in 2017 and 2018. The alleged corruption in question occurred in 2015. So what changed in the meantime? Joe Biden announced his candidacy, and took the lead in the polls.

I don’t have to ask you what the Republicans would do if the roles were reversed. They showed us. Then, when the IG told them it didn’t happen to them, they insisted on another investigation. Moreover, they will continue to investigate until they find an investigator who gives them the answer they want. However, when their President actually does it, and releases a call transcript showing he did it? Nothing to see here. Move along.

This impeachment will not result in the removal of a President. However, it should result in the collapse of a political party. A party so corrupt and deceived that they can’t even see the truth when the hearings exposing it are televised on back-to-back days. I should know. I used to belong to that party. However, I left it because I was sickened by what it has become. My fear is that those who stayed behind are too wrapped up in this nonsense now to ever get out. They have fallen victim to the cult of Trump’s personality.

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