Right Wing Memes: Trump Saves Less Than Obama?


It’s a familiar scene. You log on to Facebook. Your friend, a Trump supporter, has shared a meme. Reading it, you can only scratch your head. Not because you disagree with it, mind you. However you might disagree with the sentiment, the primary issue is grammar and spelling. Who makes these right wing memes? What are they thinking? Moreover, are they even thinking? I’ve considered two possibilities.

Who makes these right wing memes?

On the one hand, it’s possible that these aren’t made by Trump supporters. Perhaps there’s a right wing meme factory out there run by liberals. The sole purpose of this factory would be to create memes that make Trump supporters appear to be uneducated. They post these memes in pro-Trump groups in hopes that they will then be shared.

This concept, albeit appealing, has a major drawback. It works. The memes get distributed liberally by my conservative friends.

On the other hand, we can presume that these right wing memes are indeed made by folks who honestly believe what they say. Correction. I should’ve written “what they think they say”. I offer today’s example for your consideration.

The offending right wing meme.

Right wing memes. Does Trump save less than Obama?

The meme lays out a logical fallacy of an argument for Trump. One doesn’t get a better deal by saving more, one gets a better deal by paying less and getting more. Saving $100 on an unnecessary $1,000 purchase is still wasting $900. However, the meme actually says Trump saves less than Obama.

Which saves the taxpayers $5 million a year less than Obama.

I, of course, read this as “Trump saves us less money than did Obama. However, that’s clearly not the intended meaning of the meme. When I point this out to my right wing friend who shared it, I’m told that I “read like a Democrat”. Our good friend Bill pointed out that I should’ve replied “that’s because you write like a Republican”.

Step up, educated Trump supporters.

While Bill’s reply is witty, it’s not entirely fair. I know plenty of Trump supporters who can easily see the flaw in this meme, and others like it. However, they will simply “like” the post to show their support for the intended sentiment. I would argue you’re hurting your own cause.

My comments will be rejected when I point out the flaws in memes like this. I’ll be called a Trump hater, a liberal, or a Democrat. It’s up to you guys to start policing your own right wing memes. Unless, of course, you don’t care how your side is perceived. I know Trump loves the poorly educated, but it’s unnecessary to allow the world to think that they’re the only ones who love him back.

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