Roy Moore Rides Again in AL Senate Race


Today the GOP started muttering the same words that 13 year old girls used to say at the mall in Gadsden Alabama. “That creepy old guy is back again.” Roy Moore announced that he will be running again for the United States Senate in Alabama.

In a related story, Doug Jones’ chances of keeping his job have just been upgraded from “snowball’s chance in hell” to “long shot”.

I’ve assumed this was coming since his son launched a Political Action Committee. Ironically enough, the PAC is called Conservative States of America. Hence, their abbreviation CSA is identical to that of the Confederate States of America.

Roy Moore Rides Again

Donald Trump Jr. took notice of the announcement, and said the following on Twitter.

Trump Jr Tweet on Roy Moore Candidacy

Apparently, he suddenly has a problem with creepy old perverts running as GOP candidates? Oh, the irony. He’s certainly in no position to talk about what people should do “based on the allegations”.

One thing is for sure. Roy Moore will add entertainment value to the 2020 election season. Does he have any chance at all of getting the GOP nomination? Your guess is as good as mine. However, I can’t rule him out entirely.

The thing that has to scare Republicans is the fact that the far right tends to show up to vote in primaries and a lot of them love this guy. Furthermore, many of them feel that he was unfairly maligned in the last election. Hence, I can’t rule out the possibility that they might push their guy forward to the nomination.

However, I’d like to think they learned their lesson last time. Roy Moore is the only reason a Democrat currently represents Alabama in the United States Senate. Moreover, he is the only prayer of the Democrats holding that seat.

Updated 06/21/2019

Nikki Haley tweeted on this development today. Included is my response.

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