Rudy Giuliani in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


In case you weren’t aware, the new Borat movie is out on Amazon Prime. Sacha Baron Cohen basically combined Borat with Who Is America for this remake. I know, technically it’s a part 2. However if you see it, I think you’ll agree with me on remake. Moreover, you’ll be aghast at the scene featuring Rudy Giuliani. It raises an important question.

When will Republicans stop falling for Sacha’s nonsense?

If you watched Who Is America, you probably thought that it couldn’t get crazier. Spoiler alert. It does. Since the plot is largely irrelevant to any Sacha Baron Cohen production, I’ll give it away. Borat returns to America to give a present to President Trump on behalf of the dictator of Kazakhstan. His daughter sneaks into the country and eats the monkey that was to be the present. Thus, Borat decides to give his daughter as a present to someone close to President Trump.

After a botched attempt to give her to Mike Pence, Borat targets Giuliani. However, his daughter escapes from him. Hence he is forced to track her down. Meanwhile, she has become an amateur journalist and sets up an interview with Rudy Giuliani.

Let’s pause before considering how Rudy Giuliani behaved.

Think about how bizarre that plot is. A girl decides to be a journalist, and later that week she’s interviewing the attorney for the President of the United States. Just like that. If this were the plot of a drama, we would laugh at it’s lack of believability. However, this actually happened.

The interview is set in a hotel room. If Rudy wasn’t already aware that this was a hoax, Sacha’s antics when he interrupts as the sound guy should’ve tipped him off. However, Rudy Giuliani remains blissfully ignorant. Moreover, after the interview he becomes a complete perv.

Rudy Giuliani caught with his hand down his pants on camera.

Rudy Giuliani in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Screenshot from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

After the interview, Giuliani and the actress head back to the bedroom of the motel. There, she removes the recording equipment from Rudy as he asks about exchanging information. He also touches her in a pervy way.

Rudy Giuliani in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Screenshot from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor, then lays back on the bed and puts his hand down his pants. As you can see, it is a painfully awkward scene. However, Rudy Giuliani has an explanation.

Rudy Giuliani expects me to believe the following.

  1. It’s perfectly normal for a man of his stature to be interviewed by an amateur journalist with no history or credentials in a hotel room.
  2. Journalists typically accompany men to the bedroom after interviews to remove equipment.
  3. One needs to lay on the bed to tuck in one’s pants.

The first 2 things I don’t know about. However, I assume these aren’t typical. The last one I do know a little bit about. Moreover, I have never laid down on a bed to tuck in my shirt. Hence, I’m not buying it.

At the end of the day, Rudy Giuliani is a perv. Who cares? So is his boss. The relevant information is that he’s a gullible fool. How in the world he fell for this is beyond me. Perhaps this is why our intelligence community believes Russia is using him to spread disinformation. He’s clearly an easy mark.

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