Steve King Wonders If He’s Inbred


Finally, a politician is addressing the question we’ve all been asking ourselves for quite some time. What the heck is wrong with Congressman Steve King of Iowa? Who better to investigate than the man himself? Speaking on rape and incest, the Congressman said the following.

 I know I can’t certify that I was not a part of a product of that

This seems to be as good of an operating theory as any. He didn’t elaborate on the extent of his efforts to certify the conclusion. I suppose that it is possible that a DNA test returned with inconclusive results. However, that is mere speculation on my part. The important thing is recognizing that you have a problem.

All joking at the expense of Steve King aside…

Here’s the thing though. Steve King is right. Not in his absurd statement, or even his political stance per se. However, if we start with his position and work our way back, it’s hard to justify the alternative. What do I mean?

Steve King opposes abortion, because he believes it is murder. Hence, he opposes it in the case of rape and incest as well. Some will call this extreme. While I disagree with King, I find it to be rational.

Steve King rape and incest comments.

If one believes abortion to be murder, than how can one justify abortion in the case of rape? One who does so is saying that murder is acceptable to relieve a mother of a difficult emotional burden. If one draws that conclusion, than how does one determine the extent of an emotional burden? Can I conclude positively that a healthy child born to a rape victim is more burdensome emotionally to a mother than a child born with an incurable and fatal disease? Is it harder on a mother to raise a product of rape than to love and care for a child she knows she will lose in 10 or 12 years?

This is the problem with “big government Republicanism”. Only the mother can answer that question, yet it excludes her from the decision. However, the problem gets more complicated.

A married woman has sex with her husband. She then drives to the store to pick up a few items. While there, she gets raped. Upon discovery that she’s pregnant, can she abort? There are two possible answers.

  1. Yes. Any rape victim qualifies for an abortion.
  2. Only upon a DNA test confirming paternity.

See the problem?

It gets a little dicey for those who believe abortion to be murder but want to allow it in certain cases. Steve King, unsympathetic character that he is, is simply trying to make that point in his own convoluted and unsophisticated way.

For me, the solution is simple. You don’t like abortion? Don’t get one. However, the decision should rest in the hands of the doctor and mother. In the event of a day of reckoning, they will have to answer any questions that may or may not arise. If, however, abortion is murder, does not the person who believed that and fought to make it legal anyway have to answer for that on Judgment Day?

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