Why I support a border fence

Words or actions?
Fence separating United States and Mexico

In today’s political age, we tend to assume everything about someone based on one political statement. If you want a border wall, you must be a Trump supporter. Likewise, a person who is supportive of the children who were brought here illegally must be a liberal, and so on. I, however am clearly not a Trump fan yet I have and still do support a certain amount of physical barriers on the southern border. So allow me to explain to you why I support a border fence while opposing President Trump.

When President Trump announced the wall, he marketed it as continuous concrete structure along the Mexican border. “From sea to shining sea”, he would often say. Additionally, “A big, beautiful wall with a door in it for people to come through legally.” This is a much different idea from the border fence which I support.

The problem with the wall

Those who support the wall often have the misconception that it will actually work. I’ve seen a meme popular with fans of the wall which states “if we build it, they won’t come”. President Trump tweeted the same saying. Nonsense. Again, these people are traveling 1,000 miles through desert terrain to reach our border, but they will stop if there’s a 30 ft wall? No, they won’t. They will go under, over, or around it.

A border fence, won’t completely stop illegal immigration. The point of the fence is to direct the flow around cities, areas where illegals can quickly merge with the legal population and go undetected. The border fence directs illegal traffic to an area where border patrol can more easily apprehend the immigrants.

I absolutely do want to secure the border, but I’m not under the misconception that either a fence or a wall can do that. Moreover, the border fence is a tool to be used in a larger strategy. Mistaking the tool for the strategy guarantees that the problem won’t be solved.

The Mexican border fence.
Border fence near Mexico.

We need the border fence!

Now is the time for some of the more moderate Democrats who are running to come out and embrace the border fence. Likewise, Independents who are considering a run should double down on this. Enough with this fear of saying anything that sounds remotely similar to what the President would say. The border fence is popular with Americans as a whole. Moreover, it is also popular with many Democrats.

We, the moderate members of the electorate, demand a solution somewhere in between the two extremes. One that actually addresses the issue at hand. Hence, the logical common ground is the border fence. Now all we need is a champion.


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