Talk: A Novel Audiobook Review


“Talk” is a novel released by Michael Smerconish in May of 2014, but it is an extremely timely book for today. While listening, it seemed almost as if he saw the future coming, but this could largely be because the seeds for our political climate today were planted at least in 2009, and maybe earlier. The listen time on the book is roughly 8 1/2 hours.

The book is based on a fictional character named Stan Powers. He was a classic rock DJ until his contract got bought out by a station which featured a talk radio format. This is the story of how a politically moderate music junkie and pothead became a hard right wing radio talk show host with powerful influence over a Presidential election.

The really cool thing about this fictional story is that it is set in a nonfiction environment. In other words, Presidents Obama and Bush are former Presidents in the story. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are current talk show hosts. It lends an air of easy believability to the story as it unfolds.

It’s important to note that the more centrist or independent ones political views are, the more likely they are to fully enjoy the story. A hard right winger might interpret the book as a shot at the current state of right wing talk. Anyone with extreme political views in either direction might resent the push for common ground towards the end. That said, it is a much needed moral in present day politics.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. I felt it was well written, albeit a little rough around the edges in spots as one might expect from a first foray into fiction by a non fiction writer. However, Michaels background in talk radio gives him the industry insight needed to overcome that challenge and write this intriguing story. The performance by the narrator is quite good as well. This selection is well worth your time and money. You can find it here at Audible.

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