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“Talking Points”

                I hate the term talking points. If you read and participate in online debates, you know the term. It is a phrase often used when one person cannot find any other wit or quip to come back with a valid argument or statement, regarding the topic.

Urban Dictionary defines it

talking points

Political and Moral sign posts for the walking dead.

1) I tried to reason with my mother but it seemed her entire vocabulary had been reduced to a few trite talking points she had heard from the Bills (O’Reilly and Crystal). I had learned to aim for the head when shooting zombies, and now was no time for mistakes. 
2) The make-up man did a remarkable job of hiding the bite wounds on the president, but that odd speech rhytm and blathering talking points were a dead give-away. The camera hid the mangled hand, but you could see the rotting flesh on the live feed.

I had seen the term before many times over in debates, but never really put any thought into it.

Before I get to the point, I’d like to give some background on a couple of cases of men’s issues that I have personally come across.

Men have some serious problems too. I recently was asked by a friend for some sound advice on what to do about her husband’s ex-wife, and the divorce and custody case they had in place (former law student here). My friend would write me email and literally cry about what was going on with her husband. His ex-wife had already milked him of all his money so that he had to sell his family business and move on back to a regular job. She was still taking him for the same amount of child support she was awarded from when he owned and operated a small business. At this point, he was no longer working and between jobs because he literally had to pay every penny he had. Here is the kicker, for kids that might not even have been his. I, of course, gave my friend my best college try at what could happen and told her to have her husband go to an attorney to have the child support modified to reflect his current pay rate, rather than the rate he was making prior, owning a business. Then, later I even found out in reviewing her documents and case files that the mother of these children had filed child support on another man too! I swear, I told my friend that this was one of the most screwed up cases I had ever seen in my life. I felt so bad for her and her new husband, they had been married less than a year and the ex-wife was trying to get child support modified in her favor, so that he would literally not even have any money left over for food or a place to live. I understand the children are important, but this was clear fraud, in my opinion. This woman was trying to file child support on 2 different men and was not even sure which of these men were the father, putting my friend and her new husband out penniless, every month.

Then, there was this feminist. I had recently come across a man in another forum who was telling his story of abuse. I don’t remember most of his story, but what I do remember was terrifying. He was in an argument with his girlfriend, and the cops were called. He went to jail with scratches, bruises, and when he was able to get checked out by a doctor discovered that she had beat him so hard, that his retinas detached from his skull. That is terrible abuse. Later, I was on a thread on Facebook with some feminists. The topic of men’s rights came up, and I began telling this man’s story. The feminist women told me I was using “talking points.” It was that very moment I realized that I was not using a talking point. I had a lot of compassion for my friend and her husband going through that kind of divorce, and I had a lot of compassion for the man whose retinas were detached from his skull. I could relate, because I was abused too, and must have surgery to repair my jaw bone from it. The entire experience and argument were devalued because of this one term “talking points.”

They are not “talking points”. They are real experiences, real arguments, and this stuff really does happen.

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