The Ingraham Angle and The Black Vote


Yesterday CNN hosted a snoozefest of a Townhall on Climate Change. My apologies if that’s your thing. I was generally disinterested, so I opted for listening to FOX News on SIRIUSXM as I drove. It was downright entertaining. Moreover, The Ingraham Angle took the cake. Here’s a link to the segment in discussion.

Laura Ingraham had Candace Owens on as a guest to discuss the African American vote in 2020. She opened the segment which could best be described as a comedy routine with the following statement.

“For months we’ve been hearing about how the Democrats are going to win the black vote in 2020 by a lot despite all of the gains for the African American community in the Trump economy.”

Ummm… for months? More like years. However, she goes on to play clips of just that being said. Now at this point, in case you’re a FOX News viewer, allow me to point out the obvious. Trump will lose the black vote in 2020. I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, ok?

The reason why this needs to be pointed out to FOX News viewers is simple. Laura’s guest is Candace Owens. She runs a group called “Blexit”. Her stated goal is to get black voters to leave the Democratic Party. She believes that is happening, as she points out in this interview.

“There’s an awakening. That’s what’s happening with black Americans.”

Kanye West and Blexit.

So far, her highest profile exit was that of Kanye West exiting Blexit. Now, it appears that Blexit may be forced into it’s own exit. Apparently this woman who is so in tune with African American issues was unaware that there was already an African American issues group named (wait for it) Blexit.

However, that’s not important to my case here. What is important is the nonsense this woman spews on a regular basis. Like this…

Don’t be surprised when you wake up one day and find out that black America is once again standing behind the Republican Party.

However, she goes on to say this.

“We’re talking about moving the black vote 5% points and the Democratic Party is finished.”

Before I attack the validity of her point, allow me to point out it’s invalidity. President Trump received 8% of the black vote in 2016. A 5% upswing would land him 13%. Apparently to Candace Owens that would be “black America standing behind the Republican Party”.

That aside, in 1992 and 94 Clinton received 83% and 84% of the black vote respectively. For those of you keeping score at home, if Trump won 13% that would leave his Democratic opponent with a maximum of 87% of the black vote. Hence, while it could cost the Democrats the election, it wouldn’t necessarily do so.

The Ingraham Angle

The dull edge of the Ingraham Angle.

That aside, let’s return to Candace’s first point. There is an awakening with black voters. Recent polling bolsters her point. Gallup’s polling found that Obama and Trump shared the same approval rating (42%) after 922 days. However, there’s a notable difference.

Obama had the support of 83 percent of African-American adults 922 days into his presidency, while Trump has only a 14 percent approval rating among black respondents 922 days into his current presidency.

Candace Owens has her work cut out for her. She has been successful at convincing The Ingraham Angle that black America is leaving the Democratic Party. However, she apparently forgot to convince them to actually do it.

To be fair, Candace is being smart here. FOX News viewers desperately want to buy what she is selling. Moreover, she is making a killing doing it. As a capitalist, I applaud her. However, as a realist I chuckle at her. There is certainly room for black Americans in the Republican Party. However, President Trump is perhaps the worst salesman to bring them in. His recent comments exemplify this reality.

President Trump’s approval rating has dropped among minority voters after he told four Democratic lawmakers, all women of color, to “go back” to where they came from, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll released on Wednesday.

President Trump is who he is. He won’t change for Candace Owens, or anyone else. His style will appeal to some black voters. However, it will turn off others. Waiting for the next election is the only sure way to judge the ultimate impact. Perhaps we will wake up to see black America standing firmly behind the Republican Party. Until then, The Ingraham Angle will continue to provide us with free laughs.

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