The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton


I’m sitting at my terminal in Springfield Missouri and they have FOX News on in the cafeteria. The show is The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton. It’s a fairly new show on the network that started out billed as a populist program. However, it seems to have deteriorated into typical FOX News programming with a higher-than-normal occurrence of populist phrases.

Tonight’s was a banner episode to show how far this program has slipped from it’s original stated intention. Moreover, it was a perfect example of the horribly awkward place defenders of the President have found themselves in. Insert populist phrase here.

Drain The Swamp!

Now remember, President Trump hated this saying. However, his supporters loved it. Incredibly, they still continue to believe it after the President admitted that he lied about it.

“Funny how that term caught on, isn’t it? I tell everyone: I hated it! Somebody said, ‘Drain the swamp.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s so hokey. That is so terrible.’ I said, ‘All right. I’ll try it.’ So like a month ago, I said, ‘Drain the swamp.’ The place went crazy. I said, ‘Whoa. Watch this.’ Then I said it again. Then I started saying it like I meant it, right? And then I said it, I started loving it.”


Imagine trying that out on your spouse. “I didn’t want to say that I love you. But I did, and you loved it. So I started saying it like I meant it.” No, really. Don’t try it.

The Next Revolution appears to still believe the nonsense that President Trump long ago debunked. Moreover, they’ve added the “swamp creature” element into the mix. Tonight, Steve Hilton rattled off a list of swamp creatures.

The Next Revolution Swamp Creatures

The Next Revolution and the Swamp Creatures

The list wasn’t a bunch of liberal Democrat names. Furthermore, it wasn’t even Republican thorns in the side like Romney or Rand Paul. Who made the list? General Mattis, General Kelly, and John Bolton to name a few. Three people that the President chose for his Administration. Moreover, people that this very network praised him for picking. One of them, John Bolton, actually praised the President on this very network for picking the other two!

Now it wasn’t all swamp creatures at The Next Revolution. Steve Hilton had advice on what type of person the President should add to his Administration in his second term. Yes, we entirely skipped the election. However, we’re digressing here. Stay focused. President Trump should pick people like… William Barr. That was the entire list.

I don’t blame The Next Revolution for not wanting to go out on a limb. Furthermore, there’s not much of a limb left to go out on. Think of the big names on the right that this Administration has chewed up and spit out.

Republican stalwarts who left on bad terms.

  • John Bolton
  • Jeff Sessions
  • General Mattis
  • Rick Perry
  • H.R. McMaster
  • Rience Priebus
  • James Comey

All of these were prominent names in the Republican Party. Well respected people cast off as “Deep State Agents” or “Never-Trumpers” for trying to expose the corruption of this administration. Or in some cases, simply refusing to go along.

At this point, William Barr is about the only safe name. He’s proven himself to be a sycophant willing to lie to Congress and undercut his own department after a mere tweet from the boss. However, if or when he finds a line that even he can’t cross, he too will be thrown under the bus. All in an effort to avoid the only logical conclusion. Every single person in the world not named Trump isn’t the problem. President Trump is the problem. Moreover, the swamp will only be drained if and when the voters choose to do so in November.

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