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For as long as I can remember my father and I have often agreed and disagreed over political issues. See, my father is an Independent and I always leaned Republican. I felt warm and cozy in my thoughts about where the party stood. I thought smaller government was better. I believed they were going to keep our guns safe. Abortions were wrong in my eyes. I loved me some Jesus (and still do). But parties change. I have witnessed this first hand.

I didn’t leave the party. They left me. So here I am. A never Trumper. The disgust I have goes to my core. Now I’m looking at my options. I choose Independent. Although I’m agreeing with Democrats more and more. I’m The Outsider. I still love this country. I just wonder if we can survive four more years of this whining, lying, disgusting man we currently call President.

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Ramona Osborn Parry
I'm typically a laid back person, and I tend to avoid conflict until I've had enough. So here I am at mesofusionmedia. I write a good portion of material on neutral topics, however I am a never Trumper. The disgust I have for this administration goes to my core. However before Trump, I called myself a Republican. So what do I do without a party? I’m looking at my options. I'm leaning towards Independent. Although I’m agreeing with Democrats more and more. I still feel like an outsider, but there is one thing I know, I love this country. I love that I have three Marines in my immediate family. I'm patriotic but Trump has put a bitter taste in my mouth. He's NOT my guy. Other than that I hope you enjoy the topics I choose to write about.


    • I was born into a Republican family, and I’ve been a Reagan Republican my whole life. As in “tear down this wall”, not “build the wall”. As in free trade, not tariffs. As in patriotism, not nationalism. That’s why I’m an Independent now. The party left me too.

  1. I heard that! lol For sure!
    My whole family are republicans, meh, but at least they aren’t walking around wearing MAGA hats or anything like that. ew.

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