Trump’s Demagoguery on Healthcare


Last night President Trump delivered his State of the Union address. Much attention is being given to the lies and misleading statements he made. Others are paying more attention to the childish antics of President Trump’s handshake snub, and Nancy Pelosi’s post speech outburst. Howeve, I was more struck by the flagrant presentation of President Trump’s demagoguery. I’m specifically referring to this line from the speech.

Over 130 legislators in this chamber have endorsed legislation that would bankrupt our mission by providing free taxpayer-funded health care to millions of illegal aliens, forcing taxpayers to subsidize free care for anyone in the world who unlawfully crosses our borders.

Transcript compliments of Politico.

The idea behind the Democrats plans on healthcare is that everyone in the country would be covered. Citizens, tourists, residents, and temporary residents. Moreover, this would indeed include illegal immigrants. President Trump declares this to be socialism, and says it would “bankrupt our mission”. So certainly, he would never endorse such a bankrupting invasion of socialism, correct?

President Trump's Demagoguery on healthcare.

President Trump on Letterman 01/08/2015

As President Trump was gearing up for his Presidential campaign, he made an appearance on Letterman. The discussion turned to healthcare. Donald Trump said he “would like to see a healthcare plan that would be better and cost less for the American people”. Moreover, he went on to describe that plan.

“A friend of mine was in Scotland recently. He got very, very sick. They took him by ambulance and he was there for four days. He was really in troubl,e and they released him and he said, ‘Where do I pay?’ And they said, ‘There’s no charge.’ Not only that, he said it was like great doctors, great care. I mean we could have a great system in this country.”

President Trump’s demagoguery on full display.

A demagogue is one who appeals to the desires and prejudices of his constituents, rather than making reasoned and rational arguments to lead them in a better direction. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this from President Trump.

  • LGBTQ issues. As President, Trump opposes transgenders in the military. However, candidate Trump invited Caitlyn Jenner to cross the country to use the women’s room at Trump tower. She obliged.
  • Immigration. President Trump rails against “chain migration”. However, as President he brought his in laws in on just such a visa.
  • Furthermore on immigration, he decries illegal immigration while hiring undocumented workers.

Here on healthcare, President Trump expressed what would be best for America. However, he now rips into Democrats for supporting the very thing he supported as recently as 2015. Why? Because President Trump is a demagogue. Moreover, President Trump doesn’t oppose quality healthcare. He believes you do, so he’s blocking it. Furthermore, he’s not opposed to illegal immigration or family reunification (chain migration). However, hthinks you are. Thus, he opposes these things verbally while profiting from both.

I was a Republican in 2016. I voted against Trump. However, I don’t believe he’s a racist. He believed I was. Thus, he attempted to appeal to me by calling Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists. However, he was wrong about me. Hence, I left the party.

If President Trump would use his position to argue for the things he truly believes, he could have been a good President. Instead, he stokes the bigotry of his base to win elections on the fear of undocumented immigrants getting healthcare. Meanwhile, I’m supposed to ignore the fact that he and Republicans have no viable replacement for Obamacare. President Trump’s base isn’t for much of anything. They’re against nearly everything. Therefore, so is the demagogue.

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