Trump’s Nation: Terrorism

Trump Nation Terrorism

                Let’s talk about terrorism. In the United States we have essentially become numb to mass shootings and massacres. Since the columbine shootings in Colorado, the number of school shootings have been on the rise. I live a short way from the movie theatre where that guy shot all those people during the Batman movie. We’ve all seen the face of that little girl Emma Gonzales, who has fought fiercely for gun regulation, and she is just a child. A few weeks ago, there was a massacre at a factory, and I still can’t even wrap my head around Sandy Hook, they were just small children. Tim McVey and the OKC bombing comes to mind, I visited that memorial a while ago. Of course, 9/11 stands out as well, as a cold day in history, of terrorism in this country. I have a foreign friend I speak with on messenger. He likes cricket, so when I read the news of the New Zealand massacre, I made it a point to ask if his cricket team had visited for a match that day. He was shocked, but I wasn’t really. I was numb. These things happen all the time right. Even just down the street from my apartment I can count at least 4 or 5 shootings that have happened in the last few months or so. But I guess living in a city with a high crime rate will do that. It’s my choice though, for many reasons. So, I stay and watch on as a bystander. I am not going to comment on which race or which group of people from society is the problem, because I don’t think that is the problem.

                Nearly 40 people were killed in two mosques in New Zealand, by an Australian man touting Maga and citing Donald Trump as his inspiration. Terrorism and Racism can come in any shape of form. I am not going to get into the left wing vs. right wing controversy here, because it’s simply not true. We have terrorism in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What I want to point out here though, is that violence is not the answer. The answer is empathy, gun regulation, and mental health funding. The answer is not touting who vs. whom. Muslims against Christians, Blacks against Whites, is not the answer. The answer is all of US against terrorism, whatever that means. Do we remember Martin Luther King? John Lennon? Kennedy? All of those were acts of terrorism too. What is to blame here is violence, in-tolerance, and lack of diversity, entitlement, and mental illness. So for now, I’d like to take a moment to represent the people of the United States and apologize to the people injured on behalf of our president, in those mosques. It was a horrific act that should have never taken place, and I am sorry that my president inspired someone to do such a horrible crime. I have no words to describe how I feel about it, but cheers to New Zealand for calling it what it is, rather than pressing for a slap on the hand. It’s an act of terrorism, it happens in our country every day, and I am glad to see that other nations are not so tolerant of it. I have very few words to add to this, except the new face of terrorism is quickly becoming American people, and that is bad news. I’d like to make America Great Again, but if this is what is great, I’d rather live in a shithole.


  1. my cousin who has converted to Islam recently posted a meme. It said that one of the members of the mosque said “welcome brother”. His last words. Welcome brother. I feel heavy hearted as well. Great post Shelly.

  2. I was watching the coverage on CNN. In the early morning hours, they switch to CNN International coverage. I was struck by the number of European reporters who said “This type of thing doesn’t happen here, this isn’t the United States”.

  3. It is very much a reality that people think Americans are terrorists and gun happy killers.

    My friend is going to live in egypt with her Arabic lover for 2 years, while I worry about her for many reasons, they are generally peaceful people and do not deserve such a bad reputation because of American fear mongers pounding “never forget” in our heads. . . .

    Thanks you guys 🙂

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