Trumps Nation: Why We will likely see another Trump Term


Opinion: Why Trump will win another term

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Why We will likely see another Trump Term

                Social media thoroughly confuses me about how I feel about Donald Trump. While on one hand, I want to hate him, on the other hand I can see through the barrage of biased and hateful memes. I know a lot of Republicans who don’t really like him that much, but there he is, sitting in the oval office. Donald Trump is not my favorite, by any means. I love examples, so here is one from the Shelly Files: You know that feeling you get when you know something is just “not quite right” like a gut feeling? Or an instinct? Like when you are going out with a guy and you don’t really know where you stand with him, but you still like him, and he still likes you. Let that shit go, because if you are left hanging in any one position, it is time to move on. And when you are there, your guts start to churn because you don’t really know or understand what is happening? Yeah, that is the feeling I am left with about Donald Trump because of the scandals and lies, because of the tapes, and media. Sometimes I can see the good it does, with taxes and security, and I even must give Melania some props because internet bullying is bad. But that feeling though! Ugh!

                Before I get into why I think Trump is going to win a 2nd term, I would like to recap the first campaign. Firstly, his campaign was fueled by a lot of money and a lot of bias. He appealed to everyone who screams “America.” Business men liked him because he was a business man. Racists liked him because he was toting an American Flag talking about throwing people out. Other people liked him just because “he says it like it is.” So, he had that going for him too. His campaign employees have been proven to be just as corrupt as the DNC which, for those of you who forgot also got fired and investigated during the 2016 election campaigns. While I haven’t fully read the whole 4 page Mueller report that was released to the public today, I can say that at the very minimum, there is not a Russian spy, or anyone from Hillary Clintons campaign sitting in jail right now. Then the DNC stole the campaign vote from Bernie Sanders, but in the end Hillary Clinton got the popular vote. Donald Trump had a lot of electoral votes, but Hillary had the popular vote. I hope someday we can get rid of the electoral college. I wrote a paper about this back in college. I sat there and listened to the instructor for the first hour of class explain to us why un-educated voters are problematic. Then, the second hour of class he went on to spend another hour telling us how non-educated voters just “didn’t vote.” I was a little confused and asked myself the question, “If they don’t vote, why are they a problem?” I was a little sassier in that period, so it came out “If they don’t vote, why did you spend an hour telling us why they are a problem?” There are 2 answers to this question, because it is loaded. My paper was about how people had their right to vote, and how usually they voted for what they thought was right and good, and how most people may not be educated, but they might have a good idea about who they would like to vote for based on where they are at, in the moment. I outlined how politics was unfair to poor people, because I am one of those people, and because I didn’t have a million bucks it didn’t make me any less intelligent than the guy who did. Lori Laughlin proved that much for us this year. It was about the power of each constituency (section) of a city, and how each person got elected by what that section needed at the time. The second part of that loaded question I had those years ago, I got the answer to because of this election. There were a lot of people who didn’t vote, who could have voted one way or another. They would boast online about how they didn’t vote because they hated the system, or how they didn’t vote because “Bernie or Bust.” And they were a huge problem too. For all those reasons, we are here with Donald Duck as a sitting president. But that won’t happen again. With all the corruption and investigations finished it is safe to say that Donald Trump might win another term. Republicans have it for 2 terms, Dems will get it next term. There are very few presidents who have not been elected to a 2nd term, and with the allegations of collusion out of the way Republicans will be empowered and ready to vote him back in. Democrats have some good candidates, but I doubt we will be able to break the back to back term tradition we have formed. Democrats have a few good candidates, but nobody so far with any going power except Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke. So far, Beto has my vote, but he is new. He didn’t win Texas for Senate* and has a lot less campaign power against Bernie Sanders. We did get some good democratic people in during this term, But I really think that Donald Trump has it in his pocket with the electoral votes and republican ruled congress.

                Then again, you never really know because look what happened in 2016. I have hope for other candidates for sure, but it’s going to be a hard win to get.


  1. I’m with you on Beto. I’m not nearly as convinced of a round 2 for Trump, although I think it’s quite possible. I think there are several Democrats in the mix who would beat him.

  2. Terrible Dem candidates more than anything else, put Trump in office and might well keep him there. Hillary raised almost 2x more money than Trump and outspent Trump by almost 2x, so funding wasn’t in any way the issue – the big money was with Hillary.

    Had Hillary bothered to campaign in the “flyover” states, she likely would have won. Ignoring them came at her peril, this from Bill Clinton himself.

    The full Muller report has not been released, only the Muller conclusion and the AG summary has been. The full report is forthcoming at a later time.

    Beto never ran for Governor of Texas. It was a US Senate race against Cruz he lost.

    Good luck doing away with the EC, it’s typically people who don’t understand it who want it gone. That and far-left professors, who understand it all too well and know it’s what protects us from total mob-rule “democracy.”

    • You are correct, I was mistaken about Beto running for Governor. I had another politician in mind at the time Jared Polis of Colorado for Governor. Thank you for noticing the mistake.

    • To add here, Hillary did have a lot of money, I didn’t follow her campaign too much because I knew she had my vote. You can bet that the people in those states are also ones who likely did not vote. It could have boosted her numbers enough to win against the Donald and his Electoral College votes. As far as the EC there are several states that are putting together bills to abolish the EC in their states, going with popular vote over EC vote. In essence, Red Neckerson, you are right, but I think only in part. “Dems” did not give it to the Donald, it was a combo of corruption, loopholes, and non-voters.

      I do hope Beto gets the go power to win the seat for Democratic Candidates, but it is a slim chance.

      • They cannot abolish the EC in their states. The states are REQUIRED BY LAW to use the EC in the Presidential election. Period. There’s only one way around it. The US Constitution must be amended to ever do away with it. Article V lays out the process.

        The Dems ran a bad candidate who had almost as negative approval rating with the voters than Trump did. Just face it, they ran a BAD candidate who managed a BAD campaign and gave the WH to Trump. That’s all it is. Twice the money raised and spent, and still lost. Stole the nomination from Bernie, and lost.

        If Dem voters in “flyover country” did not vote, that’s Hillary’s fault. Her disdain for the rural American led her to ignore their vote, so they ignored her.

        You gotta face reality. She didn’t even visit the “flyover” states Obama won. She either stupidly took them for granted or even more stupidly, just didn’t want to win those states. Hillary alone is to blame, for the current tweeter in chief residing in the WH.

  3. I didn’t dispute that Hillary Stole the candidate seat from Bernie. But, she isn’t the only reason that happened too. There are several factors that led to the election of Donald Trump, including Russian interference.

  4. None of the “factors” would have amounted to Trump success, had Hillary ran a decent campaign. If she visits the “flyover” states and campaigns for those “deplorables” votes, she wins.

    Your case seems to be, had Bernie gotten the Dem nomination he would have won. Therefore Hillary stealing it from him means what? Oh yeah, that it’s on Hillary that we now have this imbecile idiot in the WH. Just accept it. She could have won, but chose to ignore a voting bloc she doesn’t like.

    By the way, the Russians were helping Bernie and other Dem candidates early on, before Hillary stole the nomination. They simply hate Hillary since her “reset button” insult as Sec. of State. Regardless, corruption on both sides cancels corruption out, and what’s left is what Bill Clinton himself said – Hillary should have gone to the rust belt and midwest states Obama won, and campaigned there for votes! Instead of just ignoring these, either taking them for granted or believing she didn’t need them. That’s a 27 electoral vote difference! I’ll take a two-term winning President’s word over any of the other bullshit.

    Hillary is why we have Trump. Yes it’s really just that simple.

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