Was there an attempted coup on President Trump?


I’m seeing these memes pop up more and more on social media. Trump supporters lamenting the “coup” to overthrow their chosen president. There is little doubt that they firmly believe it. Is it true? Did the Democrats or anyone else run a coup on President Trump? Let’s look at the facts.

President Trump rants about a coup.

In order to understand if this was an attempted coup on President Trump, we first must understand what a coup is.

What is a coup?

Coup on Trump
Definition of a coup.

That escalated quickly. Clearly, the Mueller investigation was not an attempted coup on President Trump for the following reasons.

Why this wasn’t a coup on President Trump.

  1. It wasn’t illegal. The investigation was authorized by President Trump‘s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He did so after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself. This is following the legal process.
  2. It was sudden nor violent. It was a slow, methodical process of investigating allegations of wrongdoing.
  3. There was no attempt to seize power from the government. Donald Trump is the President, not the government. Had he been, or if he is impeached, Vice President Pence will relieve him. Taking out the President using the legal process is not overthrowing the government.
Was there a coup on President Trump?
One of the Trump coup memes.

This meme isn’t just false. It’s absurd.

The GOP should rename itself the Banana Republican party. It seems here lately their soul focus is imprisoning their political opponents. The question isn’t “should he be investigated”. They jump straight to “should he go to prison”.

If the Republicans want to investigate the investigation, they are free to do so. Moreover, William Barr has stated that this is his intention. Furthermore, the Inspector General is already investigating this. Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee also investigated this.

Let’s allow the investigations to play out, just like we did with President Trump. The only conclusion we can draw now is that nobody will be charged with orchestrating a coup, because that didn’t happen.


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